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Ariana - September 8

I am 25 and am 7 weeks pregnant. The baby's father I've known for 8 years. We were together until the last couple. Then we were just "friends"... Now that I am pregnant, he is avoiding me like a plague. I can't believe this... I am so hurt! He is going through his own situation right now... He was a police officer but has been fired on felony allegations and was convicted this summer. I believe he escaped doing time, but he has had to move back home and has no car or money now. He's very upset that I won't have an abortion and has told me he's moved to Florida for a few months... since then he's been ignoring me. I get the feeling that some of my family and friends think I should not have this baby due to my current financial situation and the lack of cooperation from the baby's dad. I am so torn because I feel like there's only 1 right decision, and that is to raise this baby I don't know yet, but love dearly. But everyone's scaring me and making me feel very insecure about my decision. PS. The baby's dad and I never used protection and I never got pregnant before. Not to mention the other partners I've had unsafe s_x with. I can't help feeling this is a gift from God. Please help. I don't know how to feel or what is right.


:) - September 8

Hi, I am currently 34wks pregnant and it is a wonderful thing. I think you should follow your heart and don't listen to what other people say this is completely your desicion. If you are currently not working I suggest go out and get a part time job or even full time if you think you can cope, and save as much money as you can, being so early in the pregnancy it would be easier to find a job now then in the later months. Give your babys father time.... being a father can come as a big shock and sometimes scare them off.... if he isn't ready now he will never be ready. Dont get an abortion just because he isn't ready to step up and be a man, this is your desicion, but just remember you have a real life little person in you. Being pregnant and not having a support network around you can be really hard to deal with, but if you are a strong person you can do it, and you can always make new friends along the way. You can never be completely prepared for what lies ahead but you can try o be as ready for it as you possibly can, just remember at theend of this road you will have a wonderful bundle of joy... good luck and i wish you my best.


Viv - September 8

This is a hard one. I think Florida is one of those states where the child support laws are hard to enforce. Confirmation anyone? I hear you saying you think it is hard for you to get pregnant, so you should take this as a blessing. Your fertility actually does start to decline slowly right now. If you decide to have this child, you are going to have to face the fact that your life will be child-centered from now on. Your own wants and needs will come second.


April - September 8

Well, I can tell you that I went thru a really rough stage wen I found out i was pregant. I am in a financial bind.. as I just purchased a house that have not moved into yet. I had alot of flack from my brother and mother to abort. I got real depressed and cied all the time.. ust knowing that I had something growin inside me that I felt somewhat attached to. This is my child and no one can put the pressure on me to abort! So I went against everyone and decided to keep it! My boyfriend was glad.. and later was told that my family would stand behind me.. and that honeslty.. your family will help you out if something happends! Good luck and its YOUR deision!



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