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Brandy - September 10

I am probably about 9-10wks pregnant and am having some light brown/tan discharge in small amounts, please tell me this in okay!?


Lisa - September 10

I'm not sure...does it have an odour? My discharge has been the normal so far.. I hear that a lot of women have slight spotting, may be that is what it is? If you feel unsure ask your OBGYN. I'm kind of freaked right now about everything out of the norm since I slipped and fell. I'm sure someone here can give you more answers.


kEEKEE - September 10

Some women have pregnancy bleeding /spotting in the beginning months. I would ask the doctor. He or she should be able to tell you what's going on. Try not to stress. Stress is not good for a pregnant women. Let us know what happen. Take care brandy.


Tiff - September 10

I actually have been having the same thing. light brownish-tan discharge, but i think it is probably ok as long as we don't have cramps with it. not actually sure though, i go to the doctor for the first time on thursday, i guess i'll have to wait and ask him. i'm only almost 7 weeks. i hope all is well with both of us. good luck, anyone else have this problem? was it normal???? we need more help!


Brandy - September 10

Thanks- hopefully everything's okay...I have been reading Q and A's about this topic and it seems to be common during the early weeks. I am still going to the MD asap on monday to make sure everything is okay.


Amanda - September 11

I don't know about anyone else, but EVERYTHING scares me! Brown discharge... had it a week ago.....now nothing....every little ache, pain, cramp.I am so scared to miscarry.


Brittany - September 11

I just started having some brown/tan discharge. As far as I know, I am not pregnant (I am due to start a week from tomorrow) because I have been on the pill for 1.5 years and take it religiously every night! I have been a bit nausiated in the morning, but I originally thought it might be stress, however with this new discharge, I am starting to wonder if I am pregnant? I took a test at home, but it is prob to early to determine yet (it came out negative). If anyone has any suggestions, please help! THANKS


me - September 11

Brandy I have had the same thing but I don't notice it when I wipe...it's only on my undies and it's very light and very small...I'm 9 weeks pregnant as well.



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