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~~~ - September 15

hi, i found out after one month of trying we were not pregnant, but i was wondering typically after you have been on pills for 5 yrs about how long ahould it take to get pregnant. i know it can happen immediatly, but i was wondering in most cases how many months/ years it takes?


Viv - September 15

Once you are experiencing a regular menstrual cycle, you should be able to give it a good try. Menstruation is an indication that you ovulated 14 days prior. Delayed menses for up to 8 weeks is not uncommon when coming off the pill. See http://www.wdxcyber.com/mbcontra.htm


~~~~ - September 16

hi Viv thank you!! but does the fact that i had my period mean that i did ovulate? i used to feel it before when will i start feeling that again, ovultion i mean


Lauren - September 17

I was on the pill for 12 years. My doctor told me to not even try to get pregnant for the first three months after stopping my pill. I got pregnant the fifth month after stopping my pill (This is including the first three months that my doctor told me not to get pregnant so we weren't trying the first three months after stopping the pill). Did your doctor tell you not to try for the first three months? My girlfriends & sister were told this also by their doctors so I think it is pretty standard practice if you have consulted a doctor. Good luck!


Margaret - September 17

I agree. You are supposed to wait three months after stopping birth control before trying to get pregnant. Your body/hormones have to adjust to not being on birth control. However, you are supposed to start taking pre-natal vitamins well before you even start trying to have a baby. I waould talk to your doctor. I am sure they will tell you the same.


monique - September 17

Don't be discouraged. Take advice from Lauren and may be it will work! also ask your doc, I know half the time they don't know.


Viv - September 17

Ovulation is what triggers menstruation, almost always 14 days later. I expect you'll get to feel the ovulation agin if it is something you used to do. For fun, why don't you buy a Basal Body Temperature thermometer off the pregnancy counter and chart your morning temp for a couple of months. The jump indicates ovulation. If you get pregnant the change in the chart is an early indicator.



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