Discouraged 2 Mos In A Row

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~~~~ - October 4

i am so upset this is the 2nd month in a row we have done everything right to conceive and nothing, we have only tried twice since off the pill, what if i am infertile? does anyone have an advice. i am only 22, i am not too old


Tara - October 5

Hiya, I presume that it hasnt been long since youve been off the pill?? It'll take time for your body to re-adjust. Try to relax, dont see s_x as making a baby, see it as making love! Make it fun again and dont put pressure on each other, enjoy it! I know its hard when all you can think about is a baby but these things seem to happen when your relaxed and you least expect it! Take me for example... I was the same, all i thought about was having a baby, i 'planned' s_x around ovulation time and everytime my period came it felt like my world had fallen apart... then i got to a point where i thought 'im only 21 there's plenty of time yet to have a baby' and stoppe dthink ov s_x as baby making, and the pressure seemed to lift... then my period was missed and a pregnancy was confirmed!! Dont be so hard on yourself things will take its natural cause... but help yourself reducing the amount of alchol you drink and smoking, eat healthy etc and enjoy the time in your life... good luck, my fingers are crossed for you. Love T xx


kellie - October 5

The biggest Road block that you are looking at right now is that you are trying.....I am 25 years old and it is hard when you first come off the pill it takes time for your body to readjust back to normal....Dont make s_x something that is just going to concive a child Believe it or not that is alot of pressure on a man and can cause decrease in preformance...... it is all phyche...it will happen when you least expect it dont pressure it it can do so many thing to your body Relax and it will happen you still have plenty of time for all of this to happen.....Good luck to you


E - October 5

The average couple takes 6-8 months to concieve. It took us 4 months to concieve each of 3 pregnancies for a total of 12 months. 2 miscarried in the event someone is confused by the math.


drd - October 6

You are not alone...It took my wife and I just about 12 months to conceive...be patient. Also the night we feel we conceived, was a night we were laughing so hard about a certain way to help the s____n move that I think we forgot about making a baby and just enjoyed ourselves...meaning, try and relax and not try to make a child, enjoy each other. Good luck. God Bless.


Bea Jean - October 6

How long have you been trying? If only 2 months, it is still early although I know it doesn't seem that way. The majority of couples don't get pregnant until they have tried for 6-12 months after stopping birth control & waiting the 3 months before trying to allow their bodies to adjust to being off birth control. Most OB's and Insurance Companies will not do/cover fertility testing until you have been off birth control and trying for at least one year-- I venture to say it is b/c they know it can take that long. Try to relax. If you relax & stop worrying about getting pregnant you will be pregnant before you know it. Good luck.


chantel - October 10

me and my husband tried for a year before finially concieving.what finially did it for us is that we stopped stressing out about it so much and relaxed and as soon as we did we became pregnant so my advice is dont worry so much sometimes it just takes time


Nicole - October 10

If you have only been trying 2 months you should not be discouraged. Statistically, it can take at least 6 months for most woman. First of all, you are not supposed to try for the first 3 months after going off of birth control pill. Birth control really messes up your system. Did your GYN explain all this to you? You are only 22 why the rush? How long have you been married? I am sure if you spoke to you GYN about this they would tell you that you are over reacting. I am not trying to be mean, ok? Try to relax & stop putting so much pressure on yourself. It will happen when the time is right for you.



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