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Amy - May 22

Hi ladies. I had some sort of a really weird "spell" earlier today and it scared me really badly. I am 11w 2d with my first baby. All of the sudden today my face got extremely hot, within about 30 seconds my whole body felt like it was on fire, I got really dizzy/light headed, felt extremely nauseous, almost passed out, and felt like I couldn't breath, it felt like my chest was closing up or something. I was trying to take deep breaths but it felt like I wasn't getting any air. I sat down for about 10 minutes and it started easing up, but I've been really nauseous and light headed ever since that happened. Before that I felt totally fine. I had recently eaten lunch and I had plenty of fluids so I know that wasn't the problem. Also I was in air conditioning so I wasn't over heated and I'm not on any kinds of medication that could've caused this. Anyone ever had this happen or have any thoughts??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.


Jbear - May 22

My husband has panic attacks, and they sound similar to your symptoms. I had some dizziness earlier in my pregnancy, but it was never accompanied by nausea or shortness of breath. I would definitely call the doctor, if I were you.


preggo - May 22

i had that at 16 weeks where i acually fainted in the mall...cause was low blood pressure.


kate - May 22

I had similar thing happen to me out of the blue when I was about 14 weeks. It was a water infection and high blood pressure. Go and see the doc!


lil - May 23

i have the same exact thing almost all the time but what i have are panic attacks and i feel like i'm going to die but nothing happens it always goes away, the dizziness is something new now with the pregnancy, check with the doct to be feel safe.


Amy - May 23

Hi ladies. Thanks for the info. I called the doctor and he said that since my next appointment is scheduled for the 31st just to wait until then to be checked for whatever the problem is unless I have another bad "episode", then he'll want to see me sooner. He said to eat every 2-3 hours in case it's low blood sugar and he said for me to get a little extra rest in the mean time. Thanks again ladies.


lou - May 23

all through my pregnancy i suffered with dizzyness and nausea, i was told to carry a packet off arrowroot biscuits round with me as i actually pa__sed out on the bus when i was 12wks!


Kaylin - May 23

Yes that happened to me - it was caused by low blood sugar because as it turns out I have insulin intolerence. I had eaten all this chocolate because...well because I wanted it and I'm four months pregnant dammit! And anyway about forty-five minutes later I just started sweating and the room was spinning and I felt so sick. I was sitting down and I felt like I was going to fall. I told my husband I was dying (which alarmed him LOL!) and I got up and tried to walk to the bathroom thinking if I could throw up I would feel better. My hubby said I hit every wall on the way and then I when I was right outside the bathroom door I hit the floor. It was awful. Scared me to pieces and my hubby too. He tried to help, but I kept pushing him away. I laid in the floor for about an hour and he brought me coffee and a cold wet rag to put on the back of my neck to help with the nausua. i went to the Dr. the next day. They did a 2 hour Glucose tolerence test and had to stop mine because my blood sugar almost bottomed out again. It looks like I will have gestational diabetes probably. But I have to check my blood sugar at least three times a day and try to stay away from un-natural sugars. But yes - it is VERY scary. Good luck at the Dr.!



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