Do Any Of You

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Giggly - January 14

I know this a weird question but have any of you guys had horrible gas since you got pregnant ? I swear this baby/babies has their dad's farting gene ! haha


notquitesure - January 14

yes i can safely say i have noticed this..haha i suffer from gas instead of morning sickness


Giggly - January 14

thank GOD ! I was starting to think i was the only one ! I have never been able to clear a room till now haha its so bad that i wanna run :)~


denimb__terfly - January 14

Gas. Yes, I find it quite funny as all I can do is laugh about it- there is no real ladylike way to deal with it- so just laugh. And, I definitely agree the father's fart genes are to blame!


moescrilla - January 14

lol...mines real bad as well.Thats so weird. Its all of the time too, not just certain times of day. why is it that mens are so much worse??? lol...thats funny


KimMcCloud - January 14



soontobe6 - January 14

gas is with every preganacy


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

My poor DH has suffered so much because of my gas I actually woke him from a deep sleep and he was gagging I felt so bad. For me it got worse not better lets hope yours gets a little better :)


lailadab - January 14

I have wondered for sooo long if this is normal , i have such bad gas it's weird... i didn't feel it at all during my first preg but this time i'm a moving skunk :-)


SaraH - January 15

I think it's somewhat normal. I've had some extra gas but it hasn't been awful. I deffinatly had alot more burping during the 1st tri, and a bit more again now that I'm getting to the 3rd tri. I think it's just due to the hormones changing and the effect they have on slowing your digestive tract down.


Giggly - January 16

hmm i wonder why i'm getting it i am eating healthy foods ?


dukele - January 16

Waking up my husband, waking up the dogs, clearing rooms--you name it. The worst is when I am out walking around, like in the mall or something. Its called cropdusting ladies(just let it go and keep on walking). Not only does it have to do with the hormones (the same ones that give you heartburn), it also has to do with all that clean living. A lot of times alcohol slows digestion speeds which means that food will pa__s through you slower and not create as much wind. Now that you all have given up the drink you might notice a difference (depending on your average alcohol intake). Also eating all of those good for you whole grains and fruits and veggies can really contribute to the ga__siness. Take my advice and learn to blame it on the dog--they really don't mind!


jayme2365 - January 16

..I have never had awful gas like this until I got pregnant!!! ...Its not a ever day thing..but when I do have it I too can clear rooms! lol


Sarebare - January 16

Hahaha I am 23 weeks and this only started a few days ago for me. Boy can I clear a room, unfortunatly for me I crack up laughing as soon as the deed is done so I cannot blame it on anyone else. I have never seen a dog get out from under the blankets so fast though ehehe



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