Do Any Of You Feel A Lot Of Anxiety Since Your Baby Was Born

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Leahp - March 12

Hi ladies, I've had a bad couple of weeks and have felt sooo anxious, but have realized that it's been going on for quite a while. My DD is now 18 months and is a funny little tyke, but very challenging. My blood pressure last week was very high and I'm wondering when this anxiety will ever go away?? We just moved which has been very stressful, and my job is unstable at the present time and we really need it to make ends meet. But to have my DD fussy, crying, testing me is beginning to be a lot for me to take. My husband and I vowed never to spank, but I was so exhausted, hungry and was trying to lay her down for a nap, but while changing her diaper she likes to kick and finally got me in the face, I spanked her on her thigh and she started to cry and I broke down crying. I felt like the S#$T of the earth. I don't feel like myself and do not believe in medicating this type of emotion. Has anyone else ever felt like this?? It has been pretty much ever since she was born, I also have an infection on my fingers along with eczema which is all stress related. I've never left her overnight with anyone and starting to think that it's time. I need some encouraging words, I don't know what to do with all this anxiety and stress of being a mother, how can I handle her testing better, I try to be firm and consistent, but it just doesn't work, plus she acts out so much more with me than anyone else including my husband, she's an angel for him, what the heck!!! please help me!!!


Kiersten - March 12

Hey Leahp! Sounds like you need a get away! :) I can't relate with your stress yet (ttc), but just wanted to say I hope your day gets better! And don't feel terrible for spanking. We'll spank for discipline with our kids, just be careful not to do it out of anger. AND BEFORE ANYONE BLASTS ME OUT, I did read that you were totally wipped and I get that. It sounds like pp depression to me. If you don't want to take any medication (don't blame you - I hate taking stuff myself) why not get someone to babysit your DD so you and DH can get out of the house for a while? Even just a couple hours would probably do a lot of good. Do you have any family near you? Maybe you could have DD spend the night with them? For a break? I hope your day isn't too crazy and that you'll get that much needed relief soon! :) GL!


sahmof3 - March 12

Oh my... I totally understand. My kids are 6 1/2, 3 and 20 months and dh and I just went away overnight a few months ago for the first time in YEARS!!! Don't wait as long as I did LOL. I swear that the moment we left the kids with my parents and pulled away the stress just melted away. It felt so good to be free for awhile... no carseats, no extra bags. We went away for the weekend and I had one small bag and a purse.... ahhhhh !! And once you are more relaxed your dd probably will be, too. Also, don't beat yourself up for spanking her. We all have our moments... raising kids is really hard... try to find a better way to deal w/ the anxiety next time and move on! gl ;-)


sahmof3 - March 12

... My daughter's name is Leah, BTW :-)


jennysi - March 13

Hi Leahp, had to comment, with my first son 9 years ago, i came down with delayed post natal depression, think this was due to my being only 21, trying to work full time, not wanting to be with my then husband, new house, new bills, sleepless nights to cope with. it was all a bit too much to take on all at once and at such a young age. i felt really anxious for some time before finally going to the doctors when panic attacks started too. they put me on prozac and counselling which really helped alot, i know u dont want to do the medication thing, but it worked for me, put me back on an even keel so i could concentrate on getting to grips with my new life! i also found that on more anxious days, my son would 'test' me more, i think looking back that he just picked up on my emotions, its the same with my 19 month old, if i am having a stressful day (builders just finished in our house) he would be a real handful, but i'm older and wiser now and realise it's me and i make a real effort to sit and play or read with him when he starts being a little monster which seems to diffuse the situation for both of us. My main advice is to seek help before it gets to the stage i let mine get to. Yoga helped too, the deep breathing exercises for 10 minutes in a quiet dark room are priceless. I am happy to say that i haven't had a panic attack or anxious feelings for years and the whole experience has made me much stronger and i know myself and my breaking points like when its time to send him to nannies house for the day! dont feel too bad for spanking your child, i would bet that you were spanked once or twice when you were small and it hasn't done you any harm, just guard against it in the future, walk away if u feel like its something you might do, even mid nappy change, bit of pee pee on the carpet is no real biggie! plus yr baby knows how much she is loved . good luck and make sure you get that evening with your partner



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