Do Any Of You Get Less Attention From Hubby S

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Leahp - April 27

Hey ladies, I just wanted to write and see if this was a common problem and whether you had any advice for a friend of mine. She called me the other day because her husband never fits her and the baby in the pic, he's a firefighter which us 24 hour shifts and on his days off he works with a friend doing carpentry, then helps his mom out working on her house and also plays hockey! My friend is fed up and I know she's unhappy, she's a stay at home mom and the only thing I could suggest is going back to work, maybe part-time, their little girl will be one year old next month and she even admitted that she needs interaction with kids and not only her, which is very true!! My six month old scared her and made her cry with just a laugh and loud scream, just discovering her voice type of scream. So do you think her hubby doesn't like to be home or with the family or is that just men after a baby is in the pic, my husband is nothing like that, he tries everything to help and be with us! He even changed jobs, so I really can't sympathize with her.


skinnyminny - April 27

maybe its the pressure of being a father, maybe he can't handle it. My own dad (a firefighter too) buckled under pressure and although he was home sometimes, he also became an alchoholic, and started going to the store alot, just to get out of the house 9and also get beer). He's been sober now for about 4 months, but i'm 18 now. Somewhere along the line, he just cracked under the weight of caring for two small children and a wife and a morgage, and bills. It can be rough. This guy may need counseling before it gets really bad.


HannahBaby - April 28

My husband is a busy beaver too. He is a police officer and paints on the side so that i dont have to work. But every free minute that he has he spends with me and my daughter.



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