Do Babies Remember The Times In The Womb

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mzxbrownxeyez - June 8

I was thinking about it yesterday or earlier...can't remember which one. But when do the brain of the babies start to work? Do they remember being in the womb? Because I was reading something that said newborns and infants sleep better when wrapped up..cant remember the name...because it makes them feel safe like when they were in the womb, so I was wondering, do they remember being in the womb?


Trish# - June 8

Towards the end of your 6th month babies get "smarter." I don't think that as children they can remember being in the womb but studies show that once born they recognize your voice from when they began hearing it in the womb. Also, if you listen to certain music repeatedly while pregnant, they recognize it as newborns. You should watch "In the Womb" if you haven't already...


mzxbrownxeyez - June 8

I mean as infants do they remember being in the womb? Because it said that if you swaddle the baby then they will sleep better..or there were studies to show that they sleep better because it reminds them of being in the womb..or something like that. I have this CD I play with headphones on my belly at nite. The first song is the ABC's and there is a song about each letter..I play that for him. Thanks for responding


mcatherine - June 8

Actually, this is a widely debated subject in the psychological field. Many people believe that although babies do have a memory, it cannot be used until they can understand and comprehend what they are seeing and/or hearing. Others believe that memories are pulled from the unconcious mind once children are able to talk, but that the memories aren't introduced into the long term memory bank and therefore forgotten by the age of 3 or 4. When it comes to mommy's and daddy's voice, there is signifigant evidence to prove that a newborn reconizes these voices as something they heard inside the womb (just like your heartbeat) and they are soothed by them, just as studies also show that babies that are played music while in the womb often prefer that same music 12 months later. For every sudy you read, there will always be another that tries to prove it wrong. I played my now 10 year old the Allman Brothers while he was in the womb. He still loves their music to this day. I play this baby a nature sounds CD. Swaddling is also something that is widely debated. Some believe that it takes baby back to the memory of the womb, others think it only helps baby sleep better because it keeps them from being startled by thier own jumping reflexes.


Natashasmomma - June 8

I am going to tell you what I think about this. When I was pregnant with my lil girl her foot was pressed agianst the wall of my stomach i (in the later months) When she came out her little toe was pointed to the left and overlapping her other toe(a little) and she also had the cord wrap around her neck. and when I was in labor they had put these little section cup things on her head to monitor her heart beat and missed a few time, so there were in the middle of her forehead and on the hop of her head. My daughter who is almost 4 now, is extremely smart. When she was about 2 years old, we were just talking because my sister was pregnant at the time and (we had never talked about anything with the delivery) neither had any of my family. She just looked at me and said. Mom I remeber in there it was really dark and I was scared I would cry a little but then you would rock me to sleep. There was some blood and water in there with me and it was very scarry. And my foot was stuck, and that is why my toe was like that, and these things were on my head and around my neck and I cryed. . I was just sitting there in shock. I was like someone must have said something so I started calling all of my family and nope, noone said anything. My grandmother said that my daughter had said the same thing to her but she thought that someone must have said something. Weird Huh. I think it is pretty cool that she can remeber even knowin she does get a little scarred sometimes when she talks about it. Still to this day she tells me about it!


Lynne - June 9

I think babies are inside and are confined and hear a lot of noise. Our heart beating, breathing, noises outside. But all along they are warm and confined in our bodies. When they are outside of our body they feel safe again when wrapped tightly and they are warm. That is my take on it. They may not "remember" experiences in the womb but they feel safe like when they were in the womb.



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