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Lizzy - September 13

Well this is a long story so i will try and be brief. I Found out i was pregnant back in Feb. B4 i found out i loved the idea of having a baby and it plagued my daily thorts.... anyway once i found out and started to think about it, obviuosly i had the 1st thorts of 'oh my god its really going to happen' but then they just esculated, i felt depressed all the time i couldnt stop crying and i couldnt think a positive thought for keeping the baby, my partner just said it was up to me, and would support my choice and so i spent my days panicing over what to do. I also had terible heartburn, nausea, i couldnt eat or drink anything and couldnt sleep, i dont think this helped matters. I decidied to have an abortion in April, it was the only option i feel was rite for me. I soon after lost my job (unrelated) and had my horse put to sleep (due to serious illness), i feel i have lost everything i cared about and I now spend all my time wondering about the baby i could have had. After reading a lot on here it sounds 'normal' to be over emotional and not know wether your coming and going, is this rite? I realy would like to think about trying for a baby (this time being planned) but im scared these feeling will come flooding back and im not about to make the same mistake again, i want the time to be rite and to feel happy about the news. What do you, will i 'no' when the time is rite? and will these feeling reappear?? Any imput greatly received xx


Alex - September 13

I would suggest you call an abortion hot line and talk with them about your feelings. It is never easy to make such a decession and dealling with it can be even harder. Call someone and talk. What you may be feeling is guilt and the need to "replace". This is normal. With the hormones running through your body it may not help your emotional state, however with or without added hormones it is an emotional time. Take some time and really think about why you want a baby. If it is the need to "get it back" wait then, talk with someone. You will be ok. And when you are truly ready you will know it without having to second guess your self. Deal with this time as a time of loss and give yourself time to heal. I wish you luck and stregth.


SaRaH - September 13



lizzy - September 14

Thank you so much.xx


Kay - September 14

Similar to what Alex said, I suggest you talk to somebody who you trust, or else call an abortion hotline. Your family physician may also help (unless he happens to be a certain, perscription-happy arse >.< ) Anyway, if you're this worried about having a child, the best thing to do would be to wait uintil you're 100% sure you're ready. If you aren't, you put yourself and the infant at risk, and in cases of high stress, some mothers can develope toximia. Although I've never been pregnant, I have seen an expecting mother get hospitalized after a nasty argument with her spouse, even though the pregnancy was calm up until then. So you can guess what 8-9 months will be like if there's a lot of stress. It would also be best to wait until you're sure, since this will also put a good deal of pressure on your partner. I hope everything works for you, your partner, and your possible future child.



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