Do Not Reduce Your Calories While Pregnant

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Jan - December 7

I was worried about my weight gain b/c it seems to be coming on fast, so I did some research online, and just read that if you try to reduce your calories while pregnant in attempt to loose weight that it could cause your child to be mentally retarded!!! yikes!!! The reasoning behind this is that when your body breaks down fat and releases the ketones that too much exposure to ketones will cause the baby to have brain damage!!! I was thinking about cutting down on the calories, but damn!!! I'd rather have a normal baby and have to go on a diet after giving birth than to worry about it now. I wanted to let other women out there know this b/c this is not something I was aware of and it seems like these days women get praised for not gaining much weight when pregnant. Dieting after giving birth has never looked better to me.


~m~ - December 7

Jan, thanks for posting this! I started a thread about the fact that my doctor told me I'm gaining too much weight. I wasn't planning on dieting, but this makes me sure that I don't even need to cut back in the least.


mary - December 7

OMG!!! I did not know that either. I think I would rather not worry about the weight right now, and just diet after I have my little one. thanks for the info


me - December 7

thanks jan. my doc has also told me that my weight is out of control. i tried to explain to him that i rarely eat and i'm a waitress 40 hrs a week and i don't understand how i'm gaining the weight. his exact words to me were, well if a woman tells me that she eats 2 spoon fulls of jello a day and that's it and she's still gaining weight, then i tell her to cut down to one!!!! i couldn't believe it. it recommended the atkins diet for me. i have a month left and have gained 36lbs. which i know isn't perfect but my goodness it's not horrible.


to me - December 8

me-what is up with these doc's?? Why do they get mad if a woman's body is putting on weight, and she is not overdoing the eating?? I am only 3.5 months pregnant, and have gained my doc has not said anything to me yet, but I swear I would b__w up in his face if he did b/c THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! I WILL NOT diet while my baby is still in me. The only thing I might do is try to walk a little more, but there is even a limit on that for me.


Bonnie - December 8

Wow...he recommended Atkins diet? I'd think about switching doctors, especially if what jan said is true about the Ketones. I've put on 27 poudns total (with 6 weeks left) which is higher than what was recommended (I started out at 184). So I am about 7 pounds over the max. WIC has given me quite a bit of grief about it but my doctor completely blew it off telling me not to worry about it at all.


H - December 8

My mother and sister both gained 45-50 lbs. with both their pregnancies. They are thinner now than before they even got pregnant. I think a body is going to gain what it needs to gain. I refuse to weigh myself because I don't want to become obsessed when I could be focusing on other things. My doctor is very positive about weight and tells me that it's doing great! She's a woman who has had kids though!


becky - December 8

to jan- just wondering what website you found this info on??


jan - December 8

becky- i actually found it on a couple different websites. one is the Carbwire website. Its address is: There was another site, but I can not remember how I got to it at the moment. If I find it again....I will post it for you. hope this helps.


donna - December 8

I agree with H....for some unknown reason...some women pack on pounds when they are pregnant even if they are not overdoing the eating. My mother also gained close to 40lbs when she was pregnant with me....she is thinner now than she has ever been in her life. On the reverse side..there are always those women who you just want to strangle b/c they start out thin before getting pregnant... and two days after giving birth they are back to their old size. My husbands sister is one of them She was the "perfect" little pregnant women. She never felt sick with either of her pregnancies, BOTH were natural births (no med's), and she was her pre-pregnancy size within a few days after giving birth. Oh, and did I mention that she worked up till the day she gave birth (both times!!) (she's a chiropractor). Now his family gets to watch me go through it, and its going to be a different story. It really irritates me that she had to be so perfect with the whole thing.


Tami - December 9

Hey Jan, what do they say about the women who can't keep anythign down the first few months?


Sad to Donna - December 9

I feel even worse after readin your post. No offense. I've always been concerned about my weigfht, although I was never really over weight. I'm 22 weeks and I've already gained 20 lbs and I feel really really bad. It's so depressing. I don't look fatter except around the middle, but I'm worried since I still have 4 months to go!


tiffany-to tami - December 9

In my first preg i was so sick that I lost 15 lbs in the first 3 months. My dr said i was still healthy. As long as I was able to take the vitamins. After gaining that back and 35 lbs more I got really upset, but dealt with it because I didn't care about my weight gain, as long as my baby was healthy, and he was. All pregnancies are diff. and you just have to deal with what happens and not get to stressed out. I am currently 26 weeks and this one I haven't been sick and have only gained 8 lbs, I can't believe it. And believe me I'm not one of those perfect thin girls, i started at 190. Just kick back and enjoy the preg and not worry about weight gain and what drs might say. Everyone and every preg is different, and your bodies will react in diff ways. Don't fret. :-)



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