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KarinaAnn - January 26

I am 7 weeks pregnant and am waiting for medicaid so I havent seen a dr. yet and wanted to know what I can eat and drink and what I can't. Also stuff I can and cant do like lifting and just general stuff. Thanks


DJ_Jazzy - January 26

Oh wow...the list could go on and on! The most important thing you could be doing is taking your pre-natal vitamins. Your doctor might suggest a certain brand once you get it to see him but until then you can buy them pretty much at any grocery store...or Walgreens! Also...caffine can be harmful to a pregnancy especially if you are drinking a lot of it! Some women drink it their whole pregnancy and have no S/E but others can develop some issues so just to be safe I would just stay away from it! Obviously no alcohol...they say that it is ok to drink a gla__s of wine every now and then but that hasn't been proven to have no side effects. If you are eating red meat you want to make sure that it is cooked pretty good. If you go to Outback you could probably be ok with a Medium Steak - but somewhere else where the meat isn't as good of quality you may want to ask for medium well! (<-Can you tell I work at Outback :-) LOL). Hmmm...what else!? You can be lifting things but not something that is extremely heavy...I think it's more important when you are further along but just in case! Lots of water...that always good! Like I said...the list goes on could buy a "what to expect when you are expecting" book and that will pretty much tell you everything! Hopefully that helped out a little bit! Good luck with your appointment! Let us know how it goes!


KarinaAnn - January 26

Thank you very much I have one of those books as well as many others my friend has given to me. I know about some stuff, I'm a dog groomer so my boss lifts dogs on the table for me so thats not a problem. I am taking pre-natal vitamins started as soon and I found out I was preg. I love bleu cheese dressing and heard thats bad to eat and or some juices are bad. I cut of caffine which is good I dont really need it but I love tea's and juice so wanted to make sure what kinds I can drink also gatorade and vitamin water does anyone know about those? I drink lots of water i feel dehydrated so I have to but I like flavors. Thank you for your help keep posting if you hear anything thats bad or good too


tish212 - January 26

un cooked lunchmeat is bad... I know woman who eat it but if u get listeria (casued by deli meats) it causes spontaneous m/c I drank soda and water through my pregnancy ( but now I can't stand soda!) also get the book "the girlfriends guide to pregnancy" it is great and funny too! u can take hot baths/showers in moderation just don't let urself get hot enough to sweat during them. don't eat pineapple something in it can cause m/c when eaten in early preg... also don't stress urself out too much ur gonna hear tons of wives tales that this will cause this or that will do that... take em with a grain of salt otherwise ull drive urself crazy avoiding anything and everything! ! when u get ur dr don't be scared to call and ask them each time u have a question or concern...that is what they r there for! do relax and enjoy ur pregnancy talk to ur lo daily... check on the net to track ur los day by day progress... (it helps pa__s the time) follow ur cravings! I found mine would be for what I was lacking I'd crave ice water when dehydrating... crave a popscicle when my sugar was low...ur cravings r ur bodies way of telling u what u need. congrats on ur pregnancy ... it may seem like its gonna be a long 9 months but trust me it just flies by! keep us posted on everything! congrats again!



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