Do The Check For Herpes When Your Pregnant

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brenda - May 13

i was wondering if doctors check for herpes


to brenda - May 13

of course they do.


brenda - May 13

well i dont think so because i ve this small like blister when the was telling me what they checked for they didnt mention herpes and i have not told my doctor about this because iam shy there's to many people there in the room with me its the doc. two interns nurse and i dont know to start


J - May 13

there is no test for herpes not even a blood test the only way a doctor can diagnose them is if you have a breakout.


BRENDA - May 13



Lynn - May 13

If the blisters are there then you are having a breakout even if they don;t hurt. Yes, you should still tell them because the virus can be contagious before you even notice that you are having a breakout. Once the virus becomes active again it is contagious.


Julie - May 13

You need to tell your doctor to make sure that it is herpes that you have I know that if you have them during pregnancy you may have to take medication so they don't spread to the baby and also you may have to have a c-section if you are breaking out during delivery.


ummmmm - May 13



vanessa - May 13

This IS serious in pregnancy and you MUST tell your doctor if you believe you are infected. Your baby could contract the virus during v____al birth (if you have them and are shedding or broken out). This can cause SERIOUS health problems for the baby including the possibility of BRAIN DAMAGE! I know it's hard - and embarrasing - but you have to do it for your baby's sake. Please talk to your doctor before 35 weeks about this, ok?


How do you know - May 13

How do you know if you have them is it possible to have them without breakouts? I had a couple of blisters near my area about 12 years ago? But they went right away?


Lynn - May 13

Yes it is possible to have had an outbreak and then go long periods without having another - sometimes forever. Unfortulately, I'm not sure if they have a way of telling if youhave it or not unless you are having a breakout & go get everything checked. Every person is different though, some people may have monthyl breakouts, some like you..


Don't know - May 13

12 years? Maybe this wasn't herpes?


Hey - May 26

There is a blood test for herpes. I had a blister in my last pregnancy. Come to find out it was a reaction to some new soap. But the doc ordered a blood test. And they tested for herpes because there is a family history. And it was negative. So yes there is a blood test.


To Brenda - May 26

Well I know this can be very embarrasing and scary, but dr's see everything. If it makes you feel better Im a physicians a__sistant to an OB doctor. It sounds like maybe you have an ingrown hair or even an allergic reaction. Usually if herpes are on the v____a it will burn when you urinate or if touched. They are usually very painful. Where exactly is yours located. You do need to get it looked at And you can take a blood test to get checked. You wouldn't want anything spread to the baby during birth. Think how much worse that scenario would be then getting checked at the Dr. Thats what they're there for. Goodluck -P


Just so you know... - May 26

It is possible for someone to have an outbreak and not even realize it, you don't even have to have visible blisters. Some women experience these outbreaks on the inside of their cervix, therefore you won't see anything externally. If you do however have a blister on your v____a, it'll look somewhat like a cold sore, it'll be very red and the area where the blister is will swell. It usually is somewhat painful and uncomfortable, DEPENDING on it's location. You can sting while urinating, like a cut would and you must becareful not to touch it, rub it or break it. If you break it open, the fluid inside the blister can spread to other areas. If you catch genital herpes prior to your pregnancy and have experienced an outbreak before becoming pregnant, your body will have already started to build an antibody to attack the virus, this antibody will be pa__sed through the placenta to your child. Although, this does not dismiss any harm or danger to your child, it may only lessen the chances. If you catch herpes while you're pregnant, you must go see a doctore ASAP!! this can be even more dangerous to your child because he/she does not have any exisiting antibodies to attack the virus. Regardless as to whether or not you've caught the virus before or after conception, you should see your doctor about it because it is something that should be treated and maintained throughout your pregnancy, and if you have an outbreak during labour, you can pa__s this virus on to your child externally and internally causing blindness and other serious health problems and defects. Think of what's more important, hiding from temporary embara__sment or protecting the health and future of your baby. By the way, doctors have seen EVERYHING under the sun and have seen and heard of worse things than herpes.


E - May 26

They do not check for VD, but you should answer honestly about your health when given the standard questionaire form at your first visit. The form asks about medical conditions and you answer "yes" or "no" to the questions. I did not have a v____al exam until my third trimester, and although I do not have any type of VD, if I did, the doctor would have no way to know unless I volunteered the information.


Missy - May 26

At my first doctor's appointment my doc was going to do a v____al exam to check for irregularities - including STD's - but because I had a PAP smear and STD check 4 months before becoming pregnant he didn't feel the need to perform the tests again. He did however have my blood taken and examined for STD's as well as the normal bloodwork done when first discovering pregnancy. I am not a high risk person for STD's either - only one partner who is the father of the baby. If you are concerned, the test can be done very easily and is covered by most insurance. But I do urge you to check with your Dr ASAP and get yourself checked out if you think you may have something - it's for the good of your health and your baby!!



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