Do U Think I Am Please Help Me

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alison00808 - January 9

me and my fiance have been trying for a child for the last three years and weve had some problems trying to conceive we would talk to the doctors about it but they always say that i am too young and try putting me on some kind of birth control anyways, around two months ago i started cramping and thinking i was going to be starting my period early even though i had just got off my period two weeks before that, so i ended up spotting for about three days and then two weeks later started my period and it was normal and then i got my period last month and it just didnt feel right it was real watery and lighter then normal but it lasted as long as they usually last but it had come a week and half earlier then exspected so i started thinking back to the time that i was spotting maybe hoping that i was pregnant casue after that period i had realized that i had been having really bad head aches all the time and i still get them to this day and they just get worse every day and then i noticed my br___t starting to get a bit bigger each month, and i was also on a diet at the time and had noticed that my stomach is getting bigger and more pudgier at the bottom where it curves in, i am tired all the time so all i do is sleep i have no energy any more my br___t are tender sometimes when theyre being touched and the last two weeks my stomach has gotten bigger and then the last 4 days at night when i am lying on my back or side i have these very strong twictching going on in my stomach but feel like i am being kicked or pocked sometimes by needles they hurt so bad and when i put my hand on it i can feel it moving sometime on the right and sometimes on the left and it also feels like i can feel a pulse sometimes and i can see it move sometimes, my mom is a nurse and she said that she could hear another heart beat inside of me that wasnt my heart and i heard it too when using a stethoscope please could someone please let me know what could be wrong with me or if i really might be pregnant of if this might have happend to anyone else before?


Quantess - January 10

Maybe if you could be more coherent.


hazzeleyez - January 12

I been tring to get pregnant for a while and I had my period dec 18th my dr did an ultrasound and said I would ovulate dec 31 I took a home ovulation kit and I was ovulating its been 12 days after ovulation I work in a lab so I took a blood preg test and it was neg but I been having sympotoms very ga__sy,cramping on the same side I ovulated for about a week or so,queezy feeling, pressure in my v____a,and my face is breaking out on my chin I know its a lot so can I still be pregnant? And when should I test my level was 0.14


darlingaddict - January 12

Have you taken a pregnancy test? That would probably be the FIRST thing you do. If you're feeling a baby move, it's a little over due for a doc visit also!


darlingaddict - January 12

Hazzeleyez, it might be too early for you to test positive yet. Test when af is due and see if that shows pos. if not, try again a few days later.



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