Do We Need To Take Dha Supplements

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Jenn.... - March 15

Does anyone here take DHA supplements? I never heard of this much before my pregnancy and just want to make sure it is not some new fad that something will be found wrong with in the future. It sounds like it is best for the baby, but why had my doctor never mentioned it to me. I recieved a free sample of it in my mail, otherwise I may have never heard of it. Here is a website to the product Anyone know anything about this?


tara - March 15

To me it sounds like if you have a well balanced diet this is not something you need to take. It also looks fairly new and that's probably why your Dr. hasn't mentioned it. I suggest showing this to your Dr along with the type of prenatal vitamin pills you are taking and see what he says about it.


Jenn... - March 15

Actually, according to the bit of research I have done, DHA is found mainly in seafood. Which is something that should be eaten only in moderation during pregnancy. So it seems like a pregnant woman does not get the DHA she needs from her routine diet.


... - March 20



Jennifer - April 4

I have been prescribed a DHA supplement along with a vitamin E supplement by a naturopath. The vitamin E is to help stop oxidation. She prescribes this to all of her pregnant patients.


Alicia - July 15

Sounds like another way for people to make money to me. My mother certainly didn't take it and I am just fine. And I didn't take it with my other children and they are fine as well, very smart in fact.


Lynn - July 15

Nothing is going to be "wrong" with your bbay if you don't take it. It is clinically proven (NOT FDA proven or approved for) to help with brain & eye development. It is found in eggs, tuna fish, walnuts, and blueberries (high amounts are found in these foods, smaller amounts are found in other foods). You can also get omega-3 fatty acids through flax seed sprinkled on cereal or oatmeal or something like that. Most "pregnancy diets" tell you to eat at least 2 eggs a day so that you get the omega 3 fatty acids. If you eat a well balanced meal that includes things rich in omega-3 and DHA then you don't necessarily need to take a supplement. My doctor and midwife told me to take a fish oil supplement for the omega-3/dha. I got the expectaLIPIL instead though becasue I could only find the MEGA dose of fish oil like 1000mg and some fish oil supplements can contain mercury too. Since they aren't regulated in any way, it's hard to tell what you're getting sometimes.



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