Do You Ever Feel Guilty

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Billie - March 24

This morning as I was eating breakfast, I started to feel really guilty for having a cup of coffee. The doctor said that I could have up to 2 cups of coffee (or the equivalent) a day. I only have one cup in the morning and I steer clear of any other caffiene during the day but I still feel guilty. Whenever I feel him kick (after I have the coffee) I think that maybe he's on a caffiene high. Should I feel bad for this or am I just over-reacting?


Tigerphoenix - March 24

I feel guilty but about other things. Like not being able to do anything with my hubby, not playing with my dogs (when I get home from work I go straight to bed), and not being able to do my work.


Kelly - March 24

I feel guilty also about being so boring lately with my husband and dogs. I have more energy now in the second trimester but I still can't make it past 10:30pm at night. As far as feeling guilty for the baby is if I forget to take my pre-natal vitamin. I make sure the next morning I take it right away, but feel bad I missed it.


BabyTiger - March 24

Well, if you feel guilty and worry about your baby--then why do you do it? Can't you give it up until you've had the baby? I mean, it's better if your mind is at ease too. Can't turn back time.Your baby comes first at this time.


Julie - March 24

I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel guilty about everything! I had a tea this morning and was like "should I?" But the docotr said it's ok to have 3 caffinated drinks. I maybe have 2 a week, and still feel like my baby is not going to like it.


Billie - March 24

I know that my baby is fine. I know that he's not going to be addicted to caffiene when he's born. I just feel..... bad. I kinda made it seem like I have coffee everyday but I don't. I have it MAYBE 3x's a week and it's only one cup. If I have soda it's caffiene free and so is my hot chocolate. But sometimes, I need a little pick-me-up and coffee is the only thing that does it for me.


Heidi - March 24

I used to feel guilty about drinking pop, but not anymore. I can't stay awake if I don't have some sort of caffeine during the day. Usually one can of pop and I know that's not going to hurt anything. I don't feel guilty about other things I do either because for one, I quit smoking cold turkey when I suspected I was pg. I feel guilty about being boring, like someone else said, and not playing with or walking my dog like I used to. We don't do anything! It sucks. I don't hate being pregnant but some days I wish I were my old self again!!!! So don't feel guilty about a cup of tea or skipping a pill. Nobody is perfect and look at these crack moms who have normal kids! What's up with that!?!?!?!!?!


Heidi - March 24

I should feel guilty about being on this forum at work, but for some reason...I don't. LOL!!!!!


tara - March 24

I think it's normal to feel guilty becuase most of what we read is stay away from this and that. And some of it, like drinking coffee, was a regular routine for most of us. It's okay to feel a little guilty other wise you would end up doing more of the Don'ts. 'Everything is moderation' means something different to everyone and I think that is why they say it's better not to have certain things eventhough a little bit of it won't hurt.


D - March 24

Oh goodness... don't tell me I should feel guilty for being on this forum at work.... its becoming my sanity! (oh, don't worry, I really don't feel guilty... I think I should, though... but what are they going to do? fire me? I'm leaving anyway!)


CaffieneFree - April 8

I think that when you decide to be a mom the baby comes first. Coffee obviously effects the baby so don't drink it. Is it really that hard. If you are tired - you need to rest not drink caffiene. Same as if you were hungry - you wouldn't take Dexitrin while you were pregnant you would eat. Your body is telling you something. Take a break. You know how guilty you would feel if you didn't do everything possible to ensure a healthy pregnancy and something is wrong with the baby. You are a mom - act like one.


To Caffinefree - April 8

I think that was a little harsh. Caffine is not going to kill the baby. It's not like she's smoking crack. Billie, I think you will be fine and just knowing that you worry like you do I can tell that you are going to be a good Mommy. Good luck to you hunny and any concerns or worries that you have feel your Dr in....that's what they are there for and it eases your mind :o)


To Billie - April 8

Fill, I mean fill your Dr in....don't feel your Dr...that could be a lawsuit.



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