Do You Go 2 While Giving Labor

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krc - January 25

Okay, just thought of this. Do you go #2 when giving birth? Someone told me they give you an enema but what if you dont have time for one because the baby isn't gonna wait?


Christophers-DawnC - January 25

at our hospital it is an order you have to have an enema. The muscles you push with are the same ones for a bowel movement. If you are not cleaned out, when you push, whatever is in you will come out. Docs dont like this!!!


livdea - January 25

I've heard of it happening! I guess it's not a big deal dr.'s see it all the time. You are pushing a lot and it's all in the same area! I wouldn't worry about it. I've seen it when I video taped my sister-in-law. Of course it's probably embarrasing...I know I've been thinking about that too, even though I have some time before birth. I keep thinking, okay, I'm going to go to the bathroom as much as possible when I get close to my due time!


Ba8y6irl - January 25

I have heard the outlawed enema's because its not a necessity... they just descretely take it away if it happens...


Mommy - January 25

I actually think it happened to me. I won't swear to it because the grugs had me really loopy but I TOLD them I had to go and the nurse said noooooo, it ALWAYS feels that way. I am leaning towards yeah I did, but I asked for the bedpan and they said no. If I did they didn't say anything about it, just moved it away. Enemas aren't usually given before you have a baby anymore for some reason. Don't stress about it too much, the nurses see it all the time anyway and it's more common than most people think.


k. - January 25

Happened to me.... It's not necessary to have an enema, I'd rather just go on the table.... sorry if that's gross!


elisveta - January 25

im embara__sed to say that I suffer from IBS. Basically it's like chronic diarrhea. Now im paraniod im gonna im gonna have " the squirts " ( lol, gross I know ) while giving birth. Im self conscience about that so I can see myself dwelling on that while trying to push the baby out at the same time. How embara__sing!


Kel - January 25

Yep, it can happen. The nurse will discreetly wipe it away. They see is all the time so its no big deal for them at all. The mentioned in birthing cla__s that is also for a little #1 to slip. Again, no big deal, you will have a beautiful baby to look at.


sesopko - January 26

If you can get an enema I suggest it. It feels good. I know that sounds gross but it really does and then you are all cleaned out. I did not have one with my son but another time when I was really sick. I asked everyone if I went on the table but no one knew because there is so much of a mess down there that they keep cleaning it. I will say that at the time of delivery and pushing you are not going to know or care you are going to do whatever it takes to get that baby out! I do not think that Dr. care how could they it is all natural.


nikol - January 26

My friend had a couple enemas while she was in labor but it took so long for this kid to come out that she went #2 anyway during pushing time. I would be so embarra__sed if that happened to me but she said that doctors see it all the time so it's not a big deal. Plus, your so happy it's all over with that you forget about it anyways.


robbinsnest - February 20

They don't give enemas anymore before birth. Your body usually cleanses itself before birth. I have given birth 4 times so far and it has not happened. My doctor is very respectful in that area and keeps a slight covering over it. Its really not anything to worry about; everything is falling into a type of pail that is in front of the doc as he is delivering the baby.


piratesmermaid - February 20

robbinsnest is right about the enemas. I had a friend who did a #2 right before giving birth to her daughter, they just took it away and put a fresh plastic pad under her afterward. It is normal, but I worry about it too!!! And I'm only halfway through my pregnancy.


Bonnie - February 20

My hospital did not give enemas. And yes, it is very common to do this and they are quite used to it. pushing did not come naturally to me as I was so afraid of pooping on the table. When you push, that is exactly how you you are pooping. But the nurse said, "Good!! If you poop then I know you are pushing the right way." So I just wrinkled my nose and figured whatever floats her boat and spent the next 2 hours trying to c___p on the table, rofl.


LN030905 - February 20

When my best friend had her son in June, she did-they had a bucket sitting in the room in a corner and when she began pushing, the nurse grabbed it and sat it next to the bed...when she went, they used to bucket and then they took the bucket to the bathroom and did away with it. She didnt know she did it. She was worried, too, but the nurse said that its rare that it doesnt happen.


fltjt705 - February 20

How funny, in a good way. I had it happen to me. I was given two enemas and my stomach hurt so bad. It was embarra__sing becuase the bathroom was in the monitoring room before they admitted me to labor and delivery. Once I was ready to deliver I went again, TWICE. and to make it worse my grandfather was in the room. It's embarra__sing now but at the time i didn't care. LOL This was 13 years ago.


jg - February 21

I didn't (thank goodness), but I know a few women who did, and they said they were momentarily embarra__sed but no big deal was made about it, and they had far better things to worry about than that. I think it is only something that you worry about leading up to labour, at the time it is the last thing on your mind.


HannahBaby - February 24

i worked on a maternity floor and i have my own child. Unless you poo a few times a day or dont eat almost EVERYONE poops...its natural theres no way your going to push hard enought to push out a 7 lb baby but not hard enought to poodle. my hosp doesnt do enemas unless the mom is constipated from the pregnancy, then i have seen it because sometimes there is too much poop and the baby cant drop down properly...I worried about it before i was in labor but when i was in labor i didnt care. i was in so much pain all i cared about was making the contractions STOP!! good luck to all of you



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