Do You Like To Flaunt It

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Leahp - April 22

Hey ladies, just curious on some of your opinions! I was out shopping with my mom yesterday and I had a cute little shirt on with draw string pants that hung below my belly, I'm only 4 and half months so not too big, but my mother was embarressed that I was showing soo much of my belly. This summer is going to be horrible and I can't stand the tent shirts, I love showing it off, I'm pregnant and proud, what's wrong with that!!! I have fallen in love with pregnancy so much in the past month, I get in deep thoughts of doing something that has been done for millions of years and is the closest thing to nature that I'll ever experience!! It's beautiful!


nhb - April 22

I"m with you girl--definitely flaunt it! Be proud of that baby you're growing inside your belly! There's NOTHING wrong with it at all!!


Maleficent - April 22

i always look at pictures in magazines of pregnant women walking along beaches with their tummy basking in the sun and think it's just beautiful. flaunt away.


hi leahp - April 22

I think you can show off your bump without exposing any flesh which in my opinion can look a bit "rough". Yeah so its ok on a beach but not when you are out shopping. I'm with your mum on this one!


Jen - April 22

I think it is okay to show it off. I wouldn't show my belly when I am not pregnant so I wouldn't do it but if you are comfortable with it, why not?


a__l - April 22

It depends what you look like. If you are fat and ugly, then I vote no to showing any skin. If you are attractive, then by all means, show some skin (in moderation).


minx - April 22

it's ok to flaunt it.heck we'd wear a bikini at the beach :-). just make sure you are warm enough in the stomach area when it gets cool though- for the baby's sake


Foxy - April 22

Yeah! Flaunt it and enjoy your pregnancy to the full!


Sam - April 22

Show off that bump girl and be proud of the awesome thing your body is doing!!! I'm just under 4 months and huge already. I used to do the same thing, but recently, the tattoos on my abdomen have begun to distort beyond recognition....So I stick to tight stuff that shows my belly without showing skin. Being pregnant is like being in this ancient club. We now have this miracle in common with millions and millions of women throughout time. It's amazing to wrap your mind around it!!! You go girl!


Karen - April 22

Do I love to flaunt ? HELL YEA !! I am one proud mama. I am not wearing some of my maternity shirts cause the dont show my belly well. I prefer tigher clothes to show it all. Nothing wrong with it girl. I see 14/15 year old girls flaunting with no shame so why cant we....


April - April 22

I think pregnant bellies are soooo cute!! When I went to the beach I wore my bikini and wasn't embarra__sed (I'm all baby)... my mom took 100 pictures of me in it cause she thought it was cute.. hahaha... she loves my belly too :) It's just so awesome.. I've got my little miracle in there! Might as well show her off to the world!


Missy - April 22

I have always said I am gonna flaunt it if I am pregnant during the summer - LOL we'll see what actually happens to my b___t/thigh area (always been a problem for me if I don't make it to the gym) and if all looks good "back there" I am all for steppin out in a bikini!! I asked my fiance about this and how he feels as a guy when he sees women on the beach flaunting the pregnant belly and he says it is fine with him - he thinks it's great women can be so confident and comfortable with their new bodies. He said he thinks I will look s_xy in my bikinis this summer. So I say, if you are comfortable, go for it!


lyn - April 22

My favortie right now is to wear capris and a wife beater (I have 20 of them in many different colors). I love showing it off. I am only 5 months and have fa___lly started to really show.


crystal - April 22

I think u should show it off. I do. Your mom is probably from the old school, where women had to cover up and wear big clothes to cover up their belly, but we r in 2005 now and I say show it off girl.


Ann - April 22

I have to disagree. I am not trying to start anything although I am sure someone will think I am. But When I see a pregnant woman with her outie belly b___ton sticking out and strech marks on her belly I get grossed out. I am 6 months pregnant and proud but I don't think I need to show it.


April - April 22

yeah... some people don't get stretch marks though... when I was on vacation I didn't have any, nor were there any veins or brown lines.. and my belly ring kinda held my belly b___ton in.. haha.. otherwise i probably would've covered up the belly... so I know what you mean... I think wearing form fitting shirts when you're pregnant is a beautiful thing though... i think they make you feel better about yourself too... i dunno about you girls but when i wear big shirts i feel like an elephant in a tent..


leslie - April 22

I think I am old school too! :( But I think it looks cute when pregnant women show it..



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