Do You Really Have To Know If It Is Boy Gril

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Grewal - February 22

Hello everyone I did my homw preganacy test three times and it come positive then I had my blood work down to find out if I am really pregnant or not SO I am still waiting for that But Now here is my question I am from the cutural where everyone whats a boy first and so does my husband he is ok to have girl the first child but he always says that it is going to be boy as this is going to be my first child I am not sure if i really what to know I want a surprise for myself and my family My mom raise four daughter and NO son so it was hard back home but now I am here in states it is little different for me Sometimes I think if I had a girl first what will happen to my husbands feelings it is not that we dont want a girl Actully I love girls and I want girl I dont know what should i do plZz advise me..........


kpeck - February 22

Grewal, We were hoping for a boy first and found out we are having a girl. Now we are getting pretty excited, even though I think we were both a little disappointed at first. But, you don't have to find out. I have recently had two sets of friends that didn't find out the gender until they gave birth and they had a great time! They just decorated pretty neutrally and kept peole guessing. That is totally up to the two of you.


Grewal - February 22

Thanks kpeck, I am little relief now but still waiting on the blood test to finalize the results so then I can annouce I hope it will be positive cause it was positive three times when i did home urinalsis test Lets hope for the best....


spoken4 - February 22

With my first pregnancy my husband and I decided to wait until the baby was born to find out whether it was a boy or a girl (it was a boy) and it was the most awesome surprise (it would have been even if he were a girl) having 9 months to wonder and dream makes it spectacular when you've just been through the labor process and the first time you hold your baby is the first time you know if you have a son or a daughter. I can't explain it. For our second child we decided to go ahead and find out what we were having (because it was difficult to buy baby stuff without knowing the gender) and we had another boy. I really enjoyed not knowing, and I really enjoyed knowing. The wonder of it all was amazing, and then with my second pregnancy, I really was able to enjoy preparing for the baby. Now we're pregnant with our third, and we are definitely going to find out again because if it's a girl we're going to have to start buying pink stuff because everything we have is blue. Whether you choose to find out or not, the experience is amazing. Whether it's a boy or a girl, you're going to love this baby more than you ever thought possible. It's normal to have an ideal of what you want your first child to be, but no matter how it turns out it doesn't matter because it's YOUR baby and there isn't another one like it. I never knew love could feel like this.


tryin44 - February 22

I found out with all three of my children. I had so much fun actually conecting a name to them rather than he/she or whatever else people use. I had a cousin who was pregnant with my last the same time as me with my last and she decided for sure she was having a girl. No one could convince her different. Well, when she had her baby and the doctor said ITS A BOY. she actually started laughing and said stop joking. For a second she was totally confused. She said she was so convinced. Anyways, she is pregnant again and is definetly finding out. It might be a good idea to find out if people are hoping for one s_x over the other that way if it is not the prefered s_x for the first baby people can adjust. Any choice you make has good and bad. Neither ones are bad. Good Luck!!!!!!


Grewal - February 23

Thanks everyone for your advise



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