Do You Think 30 Is

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Dorothy - November 3

do you think 30 is a good age to get pregnant.


yup - November 3



YEAH! - November 3

I've seen women who are age thirty have good pregnancies and healthy babies. But I've also seen more women thirty-one and over have multiple miscarriages, and really have to take it easy. I don't plan on having kids at age thirty or older.


Lisa - November 3

Yes! I'm going to be 29 when I have my first child and I plan on having another one after she is born. Things are better I think; I know I feel better about myself and more confident the older I am getting. Plus, my finances are much more secure and I'm making more. I don't have to scrimp and save every dime like I used to. I'll be able to still do things, still buy things for myself and people and take trips. 30 is a great age.


Gemma - November 4

I think any age is ok as long as you are in a stable relationship and feel ready for a baby. 30 is deffinately not too old or too young so go for it.


ray - November 4

no, 29 is the magic number! grow up.


Mmm..... - November 4

Yes. Just about right. Why do you ask? Pretty normal these days.


Tess - November 4

yes, but id prefer 25ish to 29.


to MAGICAL DOROTHY - November 4

'29' ... thats funny but true 29 is the magic number even used often in several ways like '29 and holding' I think even older is okay , for some people the concern is keeping youthfulness between parent and child in check because its not a pretty sight for any child of any age to watch their parent slow down . This is also what makes peirs and sitters an important part of life for our children , there are pros and cons to both young and older parents but health wise 29 is fine and poses little risk and virtually no issues like down syndrome etc . Personally being 40 something is probably greater than if I was younger but I favor mid to late twenties over all ages for a good balance of youth and health risks above any other age group .....GO FOR IT ! and lets just agree with rays little magic number .


Lissi - November 4

Yes, I think 30 is a good age. Had I been in better circ_mstances, I would have had one at 30, but I had to wait till I was 34. I had no problems getting pregnant, or giving birth and my daughter is perfect. I plan to have another too!


kris A. - November 4

I had my first three at ages 20 and 22. My next is due in two weeks and I am 34. I'd say the main differences are emotional and financial - I am much more able to afford this baby - this baby girl will have the best of both worlds - she'll never want for anything, and mom and dad are both more capable... physically I am the same, still healthy and fit and very active, so keeping up with a baby not a problem. I remember when I used to think 30 was old too, but if you take care of yourself, you are just hitting your stride. I'll be 35 in 10 days, and look 10 years younger.


Dustie - November 4

I think so.


to Yeah - November 4

A lot of women make plans like you, but it doesn't always work out like you hope it will. Women are having babies at later ages all of the time with NO complications. Good luck with your plan, I hope it works out for you.


klmr - November 4

I am so shocked when people say that 30 is "too old" to have a baby. Where I am from (California) most people wait until their late 20's or early 30's to have children. Is this different in other areas?


jess - November 4

Alot of women also have miscarrages in their 20's as well.....not just due to age.....


to Klmr - November 4

what are you talking about -exactly???


DOROTHY - November 4

Thanks to all ,im pregnant and just hit 30,i guess i just cant beleive im out of my twenties.30 is not old by any means im just not use to saying 30.



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