Do You Think 37 Weeks Is Too Early

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Hope - October 12

I haven't seen my husband since Sept 1st he is in the military getting reeady to deploy to Iraq he gets to come home Dec 20-27th and I will only be at 37 weeks. I want him there for the birth but is that too soon to have the baby?


kris A. - October 12

37 weeks the baby is considered term, but still small and complications can arise... only your doctor can advise you on whether it is even an option to have your baby early - it depends on lung maturity, size and other factors I dont know about. I know you want him home for the birth, but if baby has complications it is likely baby would stay in NICU for the week he's home, and you would be recovering for that week as well. Have your doctor review all possibilities with you... best of luck to you and your husband -


Blue Eyed Baby - October 12

I delivered at 39 weeks.


Karen - October 20

I had my baby at 36 weeks. He came 4 weeks early. He had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. He had minor problems breathing and latching on to my b___st I would say your doc is best to give you that advise. 37 weeks is considered full term anyway. Best of luck


Beth S - October 21

well im not sure but i know i had my little man at 35 weeks because i was induced because of preeclampsia and had no probs but you never know. i would definately talk to your doc


T - October 21

Kris is right. Best of luck.


Jbear - October 21

I had a baby at 36 weeks and she was in NICU for 10 days because of breathing problems. I had my next at 37 weeks 3 days and she didn't have any of the same problems. The only thing I would worry about if I were you is that if your labor is induced before your body is ready it could lead to a c-section.


M.A. - October 21

If there were something natural that caused you to have to induce that early, I'd say go for it. But babies know when they're ready, and if the baby's not ready, why would you force that on him? You never know. There could be one small thing that needs to come together for the baby before he's ready that would be harder for him when in the world. So I wouldn't induce just to be convenient. The baby didn't ask to be concieved. And I'm sure he wouldn't ask to be born until the perfect time for his body. Also, if anything did go wrong, everyone's Christmas or vacation would be ruined anyway. And that would be a horrible Christmas gift to the baby and everyone concerned.


Jamie - October 21

M.A., you don't know what you're talking about. Hope, I'm a military wife, too; fortunately, my husband was here for the birth of my baby. I was induced at 37 weeks because of pre-ecclampsia. It wasn't fun. After 24 hours of labor, I had to have an emergency C-section. I know of a LOT of women who were induced, and did not have C-sections. Inductions are harder labor, though. So - 37 weeks is NOT too soon to have the baby; it is considered full-term. If you schedule an induction, be aware that a) the induction might fail, and b) you might need a C-section. You could also schedule an elective C-section - talk to your doctor about what's right for you.


M.A. - October 21

My husband said that he would rather the baby come when ready, instead of inducing just to see the baby born. He's going to be there for the rest of the baby's life anyway. It is a big deal. But maybe you could have someone there just to video for your husband. That way he could see the birth any time for the rest of his life.


Amy - October 21

i will be having mine at 37wks but only after a amnio


April M McIntyre - October 21

I had my older daughter at what was supposed to be 37 weeks, they had stopped my labor two weeks previously, and she turned out to be overdue and healthy, except that she almost aspirated a lot of meconium fluid. My younger daughter was supposed to be 37 weeks, was at least two beyond that, and she also is healthy. With both my kids theychose when to come, and the doctors did not listen to abbie the first time is why she was overdue. Good luck is all I can tellyou.


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

The standard time for a scheduled induction is 38 weeks, which is a much safer time to induce labor. Still, even at 38 weeks, there is no guarantee that the baby is fully developed and ready to be welcomed into the world. You have to remember that babies develop at different rates. So, while one baby may be all ready to go at 37 weeks, another may need the full 40. I personally think you're tempting fate by delivering any earlier. I can't imagine how hard it must be for all you military wives to have to go through labor and delivery without your husbands/ significant others. I also have a deep admiration for all of you who are forced to become, in essence, single parents when your spouse is deployed. I can barely handle my husbands longs hours as it is, but atleast I know he will eventually be home to help me with the kids. All the best to you Hope, in whatever you choose to do. :o)


Mom of 6 - January 9

My husband is with the Canadian Military, he is serving in Afghanistan. I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant. I have 3 children, 2 of which were born by C-section (my 1st and 3rd). My doctor told me this baby will have to be C-section as well. They booked the surgery only to find out the OR is closed that day. Now they want to book me earlier. First of all, my husband will not be back from overseas, and secondly I will only be 37 weeks along. I refuse to go without my husband, I also have no family in the area, tey all live 2000 km away, and I refuse to have my baby born this early. My baby is measuring small and I think she could potentially be at risk if she is early. I do not think it's fair that I should be forced to put her at risk because my doctor is "booked up". I was told if I do not show up for the C-section on the date I'm given, I will have to have an emergency C-section when I go ito labor, also putting us at risk. I contacted my family doctor and am hoping to get another obstetrician, but no one seems to care. If my baby is measuring small, wouldn't they want to avoid and early C-section? I'm alone here, scared and feel I have no control over my baby's birth or well-being.


jazminesmom - January 9

i had my daughter when i just turned 38 weeks so exactly 2 weeks early and she turned out just fine


baby020607 - January 9

Why do people bump up posts that are two years old?!



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