Do You Think I Should Re Test

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alicia - May 1

iv had some other questions on here recently- spotted a week before my period, then my period was shorter and lighter than usual but i took a test last wednesday morning although it wasnt first morning urine and it was negative. i never mentioned anything to my boyfriend but hes noticed that im more sensitive to thinggs and iv been nautios a lot or losing my appet_te when ten minutes before hand i was starving. Last night we were having s_x and he noticed before we even got going that i had a like white thick creamy he had to wipe it off of him before we could continue. it was kinda gross. I remember reading on here that the lotion like discharge was a pregnanc sign...however i never really noticed it, just that i was wet down there...sorry if its too much info...this is the only place i know to ask questions...Should i test again or is it safe to say im not pregnant? My b/f is like scared to have s_x again in case I am (he thinks he'll hurt it lol) Any advise would be great...and i apologize for making this so long..


Jbear - May 2

I had to test a couple of weeks after my period should have started before my test was positive, with my first pregnancy. As far as a creamy white discharge, it could be a yeast infection. Sometimes they don't itch if the yeast is deep in the v____a. I get a white discharge for a couple of days before my period, which isn't a yeast infection, and isn't a sign of pregnancy...but I've had a white discharge throughout my pregnancy, so who knows...I also get nausea and feel weepy as a part of PMS. You could wait a few more days and take a test, or if you're really wanting to know, you can go to your doctor and they can do a blood test. As far as s_x, it won't hurt you if you're pregnant, but take precautions so you don't GET pregnant, if you're not.



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