Do You Think Our Babies Can Sense When We Re Stressed

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Evie - April 22

I've been having quite a few hot flushes just recently and it doesn't help that I get anxious and the office I work in can get extremely warm. I've noticed though that when I get all flustered from feeling uncomfortable my baby seems to move around more. Is this just a coincidence or does anyone think it is linked to feeling flustered/anxious?


LESLIE - April 22

yes I they say that if you are stressed during your pregnancy your baby will be too in his adulthood...also I have heard that the baby will likely cry the first months more than a normal happy pregnancy...that's what everyone tells me..I think is true..


lily - April 22

hi , well for my own experience i was very stressed when i was pregnat with my first baby , my husband wouldnt stop going out with his friends and i even found out he was talking to another girl and i was very unhappy, and let me tell i have an awsome kid very smart now he is 3 but hwen he was a baby wouldnt sleep at night and will cry constantly until he was around 1 year old, so if you can control been stressed i would highly recomend it, i cant help it , good luck


Foxy - April 22

It's true that stress can affect your unborn child and can influence how your child will react to things in the future. I've been so worried about it myself, since I've been in a lot of stressful situations at work lately.


Sam - April 22

My doctor said absolutely. He has actually encouraged me to quit my VERY stressful job because of that very thing. I've also heard that stress during pregnancy can actually weaken your baby's immune system. Anyone else heard that?


TX Girrrl - April 22

I believe our babies do sense stress on some level. I combat stress by comparing whatever is stressing me to my baby's well-being. It always pales in comparison, so I try not to stress too much. Easier said than done, eh? :)



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