Do Your Kids Share A Bedroom

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TX Girrrl - April 25

Do any of your kids share a bedroom with eachother? What are the pros and cons?


Lynn - April 25

Not yet, but I plan on having 2 kids and my husband has 1 from a previous marriage so 2 of them wil have to share a room. If both of mine are the same s_x, then won't be a problem, but if they are different, then the boys will have to share... and that will be weird, because my stepson is 9 and he only comes to our house every other weekend and hardly at all during the summer, he's usually on vacation most of the time. Plus, he has tv in his room right now which I absolutely refuse to have tv in my kids room. so when the day comes, he'll be very disappointed to learn that not only does he have to change rrom, but he can't take everything with him! My mom & her sister shared a room, as did my husband and his brother. They all turned out fine. In fact ,my mom & her sister are best of friends.


toes - April 25

I have two girls, ages 10 and 6, and because of space considerations they've ALWAYS shared a bedroom. The one thing I can say was a con that I'm only now starting to realize was the older one hasn't developed in her play the way other girls her age, simply because she spent so much time with her younger sister, with her playtime spent at her sister's level most of the time. That's the main con I can think of that can be avoided, and something I'm gonna work on now that I'm aware of it.


jena - April 25

i never shared a room but my husband did growing up and although there are privacy issues, I think it made him closer to his siblings. two of my little brother-in-laws like to share - they have 6+ bedrooms and chose to share a room!


leslie - April 25

I shared a room with my sibilings...and I am planning for my kids to do the jena said I think they grow closer together, for me that is very important..even though we have extra rooms I want them to play and have fun with their sibilings the same way I did..I think is a mistake to have them in separate rooms when they are kids.. when they grow up they can decide what they want.


nhb - April 25

I shared a room w/ my sister until I was around 10, she would've been 12. My two stepdaughters share a room at both our house and their mom's house. There's nothing wrong w/ sharing rooms, I think it's good for them too, like jena and leslie said. The girls are 10 & 5, but both play on equavalent age ranges when with kids their age; the 10 year old loves to make up games, so she just makes up stuff that her sister can play too. They love to play doctor and hair dresser; yay for me :op They have a great relationship though.


toes - April 25

don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing rooms with sibs, I have two older brothers and we were there was always one kid in one room and two in another, and we'd just switch who's in which room every 6 months or so (gotta love bunkbeds). I was just giving a con that's occurred to me that I only became aware of after i got married and my wife brought it to my attention, bad father that I am. If they were asked today which they'd prefer they'd both say a room of their own, but I guarantee you within a week they'd be in one or the other.


Maleficent - April 25

once the baby comes it will sleep in our room for a while then share with our 3 year old daughter. we're putting the little ones together becasue i don't want my 7 year old to be woken up at night when he has school the next day. plus he's got alot of little toys that the wee ones cant play with. and i think he needs more privacy than my toddler. if baby is a boy then the boys will eventually share a room, but not for a few years.


jccbsdjh - April 25

Hey Toes! I always had a room of my own but I was still secretly playing with dolls when I was 13. Lol! I never wanted to grow up.


toes - April 26

JCC, I so have you beat--playing with dolls at 13 is nothing, I'm not even gonna say how old I was when I put my star wars figures away, lol


jccbsdjh - April 26

He he! Well,I caught my brother playing with Star Wars figures when he was 18. He was doing sound effects and everything! Boy was he embarra__sed!


toes - April 26

JCC, I grew up in phoenix and every time I make a beeline for the garage and pull out my Micronauts and any GI Joe stuff that actually survived my childhood. The star wars stuff is off-limits, my older brother told me so, which doesn't seem fair since he has the Millenium Falcon in his living room. :( Oh, and I'm 40. :)


PP - April 26

Oh lord Toes--- are we not allowd to have toys anymore????? Someone please break it to my husband. We went shopping yesterday and he bought to toy cars. Ok fire trucks which he collects but still we have hundreds.


toes - April 26

Jcc, of course we're not allowed to have toys, that's why we have kids! :) Heck, we have every game system known to man, courtesy of my wife. It's spooky seeing her snipe away on that thing, I'd hate to have her ticked at me.



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