Doctor Patient Confidentialy Broke

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Mad - August 25

I went to the doctors to get a preganacy test done. However they could tell anything so know I have to go tothe hospital and was waiting for the call. However the recpetionist screwed my number up so they lookedupmy last name in the phone book and started to dial every single one. Every person that was called was told this is th ultrasound department calling looking for me and asking for a contact number, if thats not ad enough, my grandpa finally got the call and he said well her aunt work there in urgent care give her the message. My aunt then called my parents and my siblings looking for my phone number now everybody knows im pregnant and my bf and i were the last to know the results. Can they get it troule for this?


not sure - August 10

I dont think so.


ChildEyes - August 10

Yes they can. If You want to Ya can call a lawyer ya can and ask them. That was very unprofessional. I cant beleive they did that. I was seek legal advise.


brucen - August 10

I am amazed that they even took the time to try to find your number. Certainly you would have called back if you had not heard anything after awhile. The receptionist was a little over zealous and the fact that she gave your info out to your aunt was wrong. Speak to a department head or something. The only result you my get is that the receptionist is fired, although she was only trying to do the right thing.


J - August 10

NO THEY CANNOT GET IN TROUBLE FOR THIS. If trawling through a phone book is the ONLY way they can contact you, then it is allowed and accepted. You should feel lucky they didn't get the police involved. If the calling didn't work, they would have gone to the police to find you. I don't know why you're bothered, your family would have found out at some point, like... I don't know... when a baby fell out of you!


happy - August 11

I dont know where you people are from but here in Ont Canada this is illegal The person calling had no right to disclose personal information about you. These people can be fired and have a good law suit against them. I am a social worker and if a 14yr old girl comes to me a tells me she is pregnant im not aloud to callher house and tell her parents. J who ever you are don't you think she would have liked to be the one to tell her family she was pregnant. you are a__summing she is a child r something or maybe she dosen't even talk to her family. in conclusion good luck


Tanya - August 11

Yeah I agree with brucen, as for "J" yeah sure they can look through a phone book, but they CANNOT give ANY infomation to anyone, regardless. So "MAD" check into it, I would be quite angry too, what if you were considering not keeping the baby, that is none of anybody's business but yours. Good luck, keep us posted


shannon - August 25

Yes...they have violated the HIPPA patient privacy act.


kellie - August 25

i Work in the health field and it is infact a violaion of the Hippa laws that have been recently put into effect. You cant even give out information to husband in the call center of the hospital about his wife on the labor and delivery floor let alone a office give a AUNT information about you even though she works there she was not your emergency contact was she? or is not authorized in your chart to talk to anyone about your condition...IT is wrong and i would seak advise about how to handle it i would actually call the office and talk to the office manager there is paperwork that they give you in the dr offices that tell you about hippa and if you feel that your rights have been violated then they give you a Phone number you can call and report it and i honestly think that is what you should do Good luck and by the way Congratulations



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