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Annie - April 4

Hi. I am more than 4 weeks pregnant today. When i called the doctor for an appointment, they said they will see me only at 8 weeks. i.e when i miss my second period too. Since the hpt's are positive, they prescribed the prenatal vitamins. Is this normal? Does all doctors see at 8 weeks only?? any advice is appreciated. This is my 1st pregnancy.


jena - April 4

I have heard that from some people, yes. My doctor is different - she is seeing me at 5 weeks but they are worried about mine so maybe that is different. I think at 8 weeks you can more clearly see the sac and it just makes more sense to go at that time. hopefully you'll get an ultrasound then. good luck - i know 4 weeks is a LONG wait!!


annie - April 4

Thanks jena. I was really worried. did she do an U/s for you at 5 weeks?


nhb - April 4

That's pretty standard, around my area anyway; it's much easier to see, plus that way there's less of a chance for them to see you before there's a miscarriage or just a missed period b/c of stress. I know that sounds pretty harsh, but that's what my dr's office told me. Mine's seeing me tomorrow just because I have no idea how pg I am (or even if!). But for my other two, they made me wait until that time frame. I know it sucks to wait!!


monica - April 4

with my doctor, he would not see me until I was 10 weeks (after lmp)


kim j - April 4

My mid wife had me come in and take a test in her office to confirm my 2 positive test at home and I did some blood work. She didnt do anything else at this visit though. I went back at 7 weeks for an ultrasound to get a more accurate due date. My next appt is on the18th. This is when we will hear the heart beat. We also heard the heart beat when they did my untrasound at 7 weeks. Basically all docs are different and they normally wait to see you when you are 10 to 12 weeks because this is when they can hear the heartbeat and your chances to miscarrry are dropped.



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