Doe Anyone Have Alot Of White Runny Discharge

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mary - August 16

Is it normal.It comes and goes


jb - August 16

I think its normal. I have been getting it on and off too.


s - August 16

yes it's normal. I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse the further along you get!!! lol....I'm 36 weeks and have had it the entire time!! It's gotten worse over the past few weeks. I have to wear panty liner.


k - August 16

Is this when your underwear are damp to slighty wet? I've noticed this for the past few weeks, but just thought it's because it's hot out, although i'm in air cond. all day long. But i had to blame it on something.


Kristy - August 16

I am 21 happens to me too :(


Jess - August 16

Yep, I've had it my whole pregnancy-I'm 35 weeks now. I also wear a panty liner.


m - August 16

It's true, it just gets worse and worse the whole time. I'm at 35 weeks and changing underwear quite frequently because of it.


Kris - August 16

I've been having the same makes me feel gross haha.


s - August 17

ladies, I know this is gross but you do need to change your underwear if they get too damp.....this could cause yeast infections, etc.....if you don't wear panty liner, start....then all you hve to do is change your panty liner! FYI....I had discharge so bad (the really bad discharge started at about 32 weeks) I thought my water was leaking!! It's only gotten worse at 36 weeks. Also the doc told me that if panties get really wet, it could be urine from baby pressing on bladder.


AK - August 17

I am 38 weeks and I have had from day one! It truly does get worst and worst. If it turns into a yeast infection you need to get it taken care of ASAP with just regular yeast infection medicine is fine.


shannon - August 19

yes I do and my sister is a physicians a__sistant and she says that it is normal .........due to all the changes in your body and the changes in your hormones..alos at around 7 weeks your cervical mucus plug starts to develope.......hope that i helped..+


J - August 19

Shannon; when the cervical mucus plug starts - is stringy discharge one day and wet milky like cm the next day a sign? I read that on another post that the stringy discharge could be the plug - sounds crazy but I think I'm pregnant but getting BFN results. I have all the cla__sic symptoms - af only lasted one day of full bleed then gone - I'd be 6 weeks if I am - Dr. said to wait until 8/20 to test again - in the am if I still get negative come in for blood work - therefore I'm curious about what you said about the plug.


JMD - August 19

Does anyone also have a stronger scent since they've been pregnant? I've had this and it grosses me out, it's not really, really bad but is it normal for it to smell a little bit more than normal?


girl with problem - August 19

my friend just says its a girls cam but ive been getting this discharge thing that is like mucos and all of a sudden it is on my panties..but i dont know if im that a sign...also look at my posting its t_tles "Pre-c_m and c_m causing pregnancy. I NEED HELP!"


...... - August 19



the real LMAO - August 19

I do and it itches. My doctor says its syphilis. Will this harm my baby?


girl with problem - August 19

no one answered my question though..does it mean im pregnant if i get this mucos stuff on my panties..even if its like two weeks or so into the pregnancy



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