Does A Hurricane Bring On Delivery

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Kellie - September 11

OK Hello and Greetings From Tampa Bay Florida Hurricane Central Right now. Ok yesterday we called my girlfriends doctor to ask him if she should go to the hospital to be safe durning this storm...A little history she has been contracting every 3 min for the past week and a half. his nurse said that it a myth that hurricanes can bring on the onset of labor....The only thing i had to say about this is bull due to the fact that my mom went threw 24 and a half hours of labor with me durning a hurricane in 1979 and i know that when the barometric pressure falls it does some funny things to a womens body when prego and even children. we all know that it is a proven fact that there are more babies born durning a full moon there has actually been a study on that one...Does anyone have anything to add to this..Needless to say for her and myself we have printed off line how to deliver a baby in a emergency situation such as this and we will be spending the whole thing together just to be safe. But what does everyone else know about this are the people that she knows and even some that she does not know crazy or do we all have a point about this whole thing? someone help me out here i dont want to think i am going crazy thank you


Melissa - August 13

A hurricane can def. bring on labor, possibly because of the barometric pressure dropping and also because being around during a hurricane can just cause anxiety and make a woman go into labor. With my first, my water broke first and there was a full moon out and a bad rain storm. Don't know if this is related, but I have nurse friends who work in labor and delivery and they swear by it. Be safe and make sure your girlfriend is in a safe place, away from the storm.


kellie - August 13

thank you thank you thank you i knew that there was someone out there that knew what i was talking about me and half of everyone else we talked to yesterday. on the other hand her doc office said that it was nothing but a myth how stupid can they be....Some doctors get their practice straight out of the cracker jack boxes


Jill-RN - August 14

Absolutely! I worked Labor & Delivery for a year, and when the barometric pressure dropped so did alot of pregnant womens water! We would honestly be swamped that night with pre-termers, and mothers to be ready to deliver! Forget the full moon school of thought, it's all about Mother nature!


d - September 2

We are in for Hurricane Frances to hit FL tomorrow and my doctor specifically told me to be prepared tha the Barametric Pressure dropping could bring on labor.


Sandy - September 2

Yes. I would sit at the hospital if I had to since contractions are 3 min. part.


concerned hubby - September 2

We are preparing to get thru Hurricane Frances and I called our parentologist and he said absolutely no correlation at all. To quote our specialist "If you are going to go into labor, your going into labor"........and he went on to say if in fact it did (as many people believe) every major city would have to have a separate wing set up in each hospital literally just to deal with the large amount of women in labor for each major hurricane......and think about the liability issue if in fact physicians didn't warn each and every patient before each every storm? The lawyers would have a field day and every pregnant women would be advised to fly to Alaska every time a tropical storm came upon least one less thing for us to worry about as we are preparing for Frances......


Hubby from FL - September 2

Title a__sociation between significant decrease in barometric pressure and onset of labor: Author King EA; Fleschler RG; Cohen SM Address St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX 77030, USA. Source J Nurse Midwifery, 1997 Jan-Feb, 42:1, 32-4 OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to determine whether there is a relationship between changes in atmospheric pressure and spontaneous onset of labor in term pregnancy. STUDY DESIGN: All women admitted to Medical Center of Central Ma__sachusetts-Memorial Hospital with spontaneous onset of labor at term and who were delivered on the service during a 12-month period represent the cohort for this study. Each maternal chart was abstracted to ensure that each member of the cohort met the inclusion criteria. Hourly recordings of atmospheric pressure made at the Worcester Station of the National Weather Service, Department of Commerce, were used as the meteorologic data points of interest. RESULTS: Three-hour periods of falling atmospheric pressure were less often followed by initiation of labor than were the periods with other types of pressure sequences. No a__sociation was observed between the onset of labor and days of low mean pressure. CONCLUSION: Although there was an observed statistically significant a__sociation between falling barometric pressure and onset of labor, the magnitude of the difference is not of clinical significance. This was a cut and paste article from the below article:


brucen - September 2


Katrina - September 3

I'm a huge dilema! I am 39 weeks and preparing for Frances to hit us tomorrow night. Everyone tells me I need to pack up and stay at the hospital (Hubby is very adament about it). I had an appointment yesterday and I'm 2cm. I keep hearing the barometric pressure can send me into labor. But part of me feels like I would really be more comfortable in my own home. I'm I being selfish here...or do I pack up pillows and blankets and go to the hospital and stay there (no beds are promised)? And by the way, no one still knows where this storm is heading!


shari - September 3

My aunt went into labor when hurricane Andrew hit in 1992 so I believe it totally...she had a baby boy..and of course..named him Andrew. :-)


kellie - September 4

I knew it I knew it i was borning durning a hurricane and it looks like this one is about to make some motions here on florida......MY friend i was asking about had her baby this past tuesday baby boy 6 lbs 10 oz at 36 weeks. he is fine and her and him are both home now doing great..........WE are all up in arms with this storm I have been contracting for a few weeks now and even my doc called me today and told me to be on stand by and when or if i start feeling any worse to make sure i get to the hospital he does not want to take any chances i am happy about that. i am only 32 weeks currently so i am still a little early and have not even started maternity leave from work yet...I am scheduled to work today and tommorow as a matter of for katrina I hope you the best girl YOu do what you want to do if you do go into labor at home i hope that the hospital is not that far from you and that the storm is not that bad in your area. the hospital on the other had has to find something to do with you in a room in a bed somewhere it is not like they can refuse you treatment....they have to make room for you GOod luck and i hope for you and your baby the best


Katrina - September 4

Ok, here I sit in Orlando wondering what to do??!! The hospital is 15 minutes from me if I do go into labor. Guess I could print some information off the net incase I go into labor within the next 12-24 hours. I made it thru Charlie---can make it thru Frances! :>)


Cheray - September 5

Yes !!!! I was born during a Hurricane in Florida and the Doctors made all the expectant Mothers go to the hospital because the preesure created by the storm impacts the pregmamt woman and many go into labor..I'm living proof !


Michelle - September 6

Calling this a myth is doing a terrible disservice to the pregnant ladies! Not only did it happen to ME (Floyd'99) but yesterday on the news they said that NINETEEN babies were born in Palm Beach as Hurricane Frances loomed off the coast and finally made landfall.


kristen - September 7

Hi Im 36 1/2 weeks and my dr's office told me not to worry and to call them if I go into labor.. blah blah how do you call if all the phones are down and cells too like with Charlie? Nurse said I can have the baby at home in the bathroom I said like ^$%$# I can! HA! I contracted all through Charlie and have been contracting again non stop the past two or three days... best advice unless you are dilated is lay down drink water non stop dont do anything other than that unless you have too. If you go to the hospital in false labor all they will do is hook you to an IV to hydrate you and stop contractions. I spent my last pregnancy in and out of the hosp and this time I just "get lazY" lay down drink a couple liters of water, take warm baths, sleep as much as I can. It helps if you have someone to help you do that. Now if Ivan hits I might beg to go to the hosp.


Katrina - September 8

Ok, I survived Charlie and Frances and did not go into labor. I am 40 weeks tomorrow and we have Ivan possibly knocking at our door. Unbelievable!!!! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Think I'm going to beg them to induce me so I can get the heck out of dodge if Ivan decides to make his way thru here! Not only that...I really don't want to deliver my baby in a bathroom! (Don't blame ya there Kristin). After all the responses that I have read here I'm now convinced there is a link between barometric pressure and babies being born! Kristen, take it easy girl....I would have to say that if you have been contracting like you say and Ivan decides to visit us....go and stay at the hospital!!! My husband was not pleased with me that I decided to stay home! Luckily we didn't get hit as bad as we did with Charlie :) Thank you everyone for your input! It's nice to have others put their input in and know that your not the only one sitting in Florida prego! heehee



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