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AH - September 22

You know what really bugs me? People who go into other peoples questions and use that forum to ask their own question... if you have a concern start your own question, but it is so rude to butt into someone else's - it's like walking into the middle of a conversation and interrupting... also - people who ask the same exact question that was answered a few posts above in the same forum is just ridiculous... READ the previous posts & stop wasting people's time.


Sally - September 22

I completely agree, dont ask your own question in someone else's - that is rude!!! It's happened to me many times.


I don't - September 22

I don't agree with everything you said. I see no problem asking a question on "someone elses post" we are all here to support one another. As for part 2 of your question, I do agree in part. But as I said we are here to support one another and we are not wasting your time, if you feel we are then don't read those posts or post to them. I personally think most people on here are genuine and need advice and support.


Cathy - September 22

As for asking questions in someones post, as long as it is in the same category, I don't see why not. I have had people ask on my posts, and it really doesn't bother me.


AH - September 22

When I post and come back to read what people said I find that 3 posts down from mine is someone else who has changed the topic to their concern... It is very simple to start a question and although I think the person genuinely might need advice or support - that doesn't mean they can't respect the forum their in and take a minute to start thier own.


why - September 22

have a post like this at all? Isn't this just wasting time, b___hing about other people when we should be here to help>


OOPS - September 22

I guess that was a question on YOUR post. so sorry


I think - September 22

he/she has a point about changing the topic, but if it has to do with the same thing it isn't a problem for me.


Tiffany - September 22

I agree with Cathy.


leslie - September 22

I think I have done this, I am sure that most of the times it has been a question that has something to do with the main topic.. I personally had never even payed attention to it.. I guess it didn't bother me (I actually think its good when people find my thread interesting and when we discuss about it)..but if I have done this to someone else I am sorry..I understand your point though. Its good to know that some people don't like other people b___ting in on their threads unless its about THEIR question..


Cathy - September 22

I think we have all done it, and no one has seemed bothered about it until now. I think maybe we are all getting a little too hormonal when all we do is start threads and continue threads to talk down about others. I'm sorry if I offend, and sometimes I look at my posts and I sound like such a goody goody, but I really think we should just be nice to each other, help each other out, and not step on each other. Ya know?


pbj - September 22

Sorry, I don't agree, as long as the question is related to the original topic. Maybe the question will look deeper into the original question or sometimes someones answer will bring up an additional question that does not require to start another thread. I don't think anyone means to step on anyones toes by doing it. It's just like a conversation.


Steph - September 22

Am I pregnant? LOL!! Like that??? It drives me a little crazy too!!


mac - September 22

reading question:" cramping, bla bla, feeling sick, bla bla...." then I scroll aaaaalllll the way down to find "do you think my cat has a cold?" I totally agree with you.......continue with the original Q or get your own!


UM - September 22

Your cat may have a cold. I would call your vet and make an appointment. How hard is that? When they ask if they are pg you tell them to take a test. Plain and simple. case closed, move on to the next problem.


r - September 22

well I have seen very old posts that someone has posted their own question at the bottom I don't think there is anything wrong with it...gosh why are people so mean? oops I think I just asked a question I had better leave now!!


very faint positive - September 22

hey I have a question do you think that a very faint postive means I could be pregnant??? well just thought I'd ask...hahahahahahahah



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