Does Anyone Else Smell Different Down There Since Pregnancy

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andie - August 11

Before I got pregnant I NEVER noticed a smell AT ALL!!! Now there is a very distinct odor there. Doesn't stink but it's really strong......what in the world is this? I sure hope it goes away after pregnancy...


jena - August 11

it could be an infection - have you gotten it checked out just in case? otherwise, I have heard that you smell "sweeter" during pregnancy...


Yep - August 11

Yea, I've noticed I "smell" down there too. Not necessarly bad, but when I sit to go to the bathroom I can smell it very strongly also. I know I don't have an infection because I've recently been checked. I had the same thing with my first. It does go away after the baby is born.


Sonya - August 11

I have this too and I had it with my first. Since I had it with my first and there was no infection I am sure it is fine. Annoying, but fine.


Anne - August 12

You could have bacterial vaginitis and if you didn't mention anything to the doctor, they wouldn't have known to look, unless you smelled really foul. You should ask your doc just to be on the safe side.


Sophie - August 12

Hi, I definitely smell pregnant! Sorry to be gross. It's not a bad smell but it's definitely different. I had the same thing with my other two. It went away after my children were born.


t - August 12

yep, I smell it too! It's not the actual discharge that smells, just the general area, like It's a bit more sweaty down there or something, even after I shower. It's definitely not an infection, as I've been checked for all that, and as long as the discharge doesn't smell, I've been told it's okay. My partner says he doesn't really notice it, so it could be a bit to do with that extra sensitive pregnancy nose too. I'm sooooo glad I'm not the only one, and that we have this web site to talk about these gross little embara__sing (but important) things.


andie - August 12

It's not infection, I was just checked at docs office....It doesn't smell bad.....just a strong "female" smell is the only way I can describe it. My B/F mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. He said that I was "smelling a little different down there" I said "different bad?" He said no, not bad just hope it does go away!!!


lynnstress - August 12

I asked at my doctor's about this. I think it's only so strong now because of the warm weather. I didn't start smelling like this until maybe June. My dr said take several showers per day if you want - no thanks - or use feminine cleansing cloths/wipes. She also said NO to feminine deodorant sprays (so did the pharmacist) because they contain mineral oil. I bought Summer's Eve fem cleansing cloths, and they work pretty well. They are flushable, too. Good luck to every stinky pregnant lady out there!



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