Does Anyone Else Suffer From Anxiety

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fran - February 23

I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant. However before I was pregnant and all through my pregnancy so far I have suffered with panic attacks and general anxiety. I am desperately trying to cure these but since it's more of a mental problem it's very difficult. I'm now scared that my constant anxiety may be doing harm to my baby. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions about this?


Ruby - February 26

Hi Fran, I occasionally suffer from anxiety and had it bad when I first found out I was pregnant. I used meditation to help with it, it worked for me. Focusing your attention on one thing, be it a candle, a flower, a waterfall (table top fountain!) or something else that looks calming, can help relax your nerves for awhile at least. If you find your mind wandering and worrying, just turn your attention back to the object and contemplate its beauty, calm etc. I also take a lot of deep breathes at work!


Sm - February 26

I did suffer from before i was pregger. Then i learned how to control them. Now that i am preg, i constantly feel them coming on and have to breath and relax..


Sonya - February 26

I have severe anxiety, no panic attacks but I am in general a very anxious person. I used be on medication, but it can not be taken during pregnancy. Unfortunatley I have never found any way to handle it. I have tried therapy, but it didn't help for long. I just recently resigned from my job (which is a main cause of my anxiety) so this should help. Good luck.


Maleficent - February 27

i have obsesive compulsive disorder. anxiety is very familiar to me. i take a low dose of paxil. it's safe during pregnancy, but as with all SSRI's there is a slight risk that should be talked over with a doctor.


S- - February 27

I also suffer from anxiety, and I know there are meds you can take while pregnant. There is also a workbook my counselor suggested to me..The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook 3rd Ed.



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