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Meg - December 3

I know most people say that it's best to sleep on the left side while pregnant for circulation or whatever.. But I was wondering, does anyone get discomfort, or a dull pain in your stomach when you lay on your right side? The doctor put the doppler on the right side to hear the heartbeat, and my BF hears "swooshing" on the right side, so I assume that that is where the baby is.. So why would I get a dull pain in the LEFT side of my stomach when lying on my right side? Does that mean that something's wrong? Or maybe that I'm having twins and laying on the right side somehow "hurts" the baby on the left? (I really don't know anything about twins, I'm just asking..) Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Stephanie - December 3

I had to switch it up all the time. Yes, even on my back some nights, although now I'm way too big for that. I would get achy if I slept on one side too much, such as my hip or even my tummy. Invest in a body pillow, you won't regret it!


Bridget - December 4

I get a pain in my ribs when I lie on my right side too long. I think it's the muscles,tendons and connective tissues in my rib cage and elsewhere in my torso getting stretched or something. So I foist myself over to my left side and pray for morning,LOL.I'm only 28 weeks, I can't imagine 38.I use the Boppy wedge thing ($14.99 in Target)as a knee or tummy pillow, depending on what feels good at the moment, the body pillow was too big for me somehow.I wish I had a zero-gravity chamber in my house so I could just be weightless when I sleep, the nights go on forever sometimes. But I know it'll be worth all the aches and pains when my little boy gets here.


Tami - December 5

They do say it is best to sleep on the left side during pregnancy. That said, I slept on my back during my pregnancy and have a very healthy little girl. Also in the hospital when I was in labor, they had me turn to lay on my left side and my daughter's heart rate started dropping, so I guess left isn't always teh best. Just do what you can to be comfortable is what I say!



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