Does Anyone Have Any Sonogram Pics

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Maddie - May 26

Hey. I'd love to see some pictures of anyone's sonogram pictures to compare with mine. I had a 36 week sonogram and I can't tell what the baby's face looks like. I just want to see if anyone else's looks similar, because I'm starting to imagine all these things that might be wrong, athough the doc says the pics look good. I think it looks like he might have cleft lip!! =( Well...I think I might be paranoid actually. But, I've prayed about it so I have faith in God. anyway...I would love some websites, or pics, or just similar situations where you may have been a little paranoid when looking at a later sonogram, and wondering what the heck that dark spot on his mouth is!


BBK - May 26

Maddie, it's impossible to see with a 2D conventional sonogram. We did the 3D/4D and I saw a bunch of stuff around the baby's face and after I asked the technician said it was the ambilical cord. At a later scan that stuff had moved, and sure enough I could see clearly she was right.... I bet that's what you're seeing too! That cord is loooong


littlemrsb - May 26

My nephew was born with a cleft lip and palate. (he just had surgery this week and is he darling!) No one noticed it on the ultrasound picture until after the fact, but now when you look at it, you can clearly see it on his little profile (he had a unilateral, and the front gums were on the outside of his face - attached to his nose). Have you mentioned your concern about it being a cleft lip to your doctor, and do you have clefts in your family? My brother's wife didn't even know that they ran in hers because it was her mother's cousin who showed up with one last. Anyway, I would ask some questions from your family if you are concerned, and then talk to your doctor. You might want to look into finding an office that has a 3-D machine. Many blessings to you and your baby.


Maddie - May 26

You can google belly pictures and abelly gallery will come up. on this site they also show sonogram pics all the way from 1 to 3 tri. Try it out its a neat site because you can also compare bellies. Goodluck with your baby. Hopefully you're just being paranoid. I have the same fears!!!


Maddie - May 27

Thanks everyone. I pray i'm just being paranoid. I did mention it on the 20 week, and also on this one to the sonogram tech, and also to my doc. I don't know why i'm so concerned...but, I really have faith that my baby is in God's hands. =) No worries! I think I've veiwed all the sonogram pics on the web! ONE MORE QUESTION: About how much is a 3D ultrasound if your insurance does not cover it? Thanks! =)


BBK - May 27

Maddie, depending on what package you get, the place we went charges anywhere from $150(for just still pics) to $279 (includes CD, DVD etc)..... Insurance doesn't cover it. Not sure if they would cover it if it was medically justified. We did it for our own curiosity. BTW the place we went recommended doing the scan btwn 26 and 33 weeks to get best image quality. Reason being after that, the amniotic fluid is not as plentiful.



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