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Kelly - March 10

Hi.. I have just found out im PG with my 1st child (5 weeks 2moro) Can anyone answer a few questions i have about cats and toxoplasmosis.. I usually get my partner to change the litter though when i do have to do it i wear gloves and wash my hands, but how dangerous is stroking, picking up and having the cats in the bedroom. Ive heard so many conflicting repots its all starting to get a little confusing !! I love my cats to pieces but id never want to rick harming my baby.. thanks xx


Billie - March 10

I have a cat. I am 28 weeks pregnant and everything is fine with the baby. I have my husband change the littler box and I wash my hands when I touch my cats paws. Other than that, I don't take any other percautions.You can have your cat checked for toxoplasmosis by the vet if you are really concerned.


Whitney - March 10

I'm 24 weeks prego & have 2 cats that are like babies! I have not goen near the litter box for the past 5 months - please get your partner to change the litter. My doctor was very strict about this. It's totally fine to pet & play with them, just wash your hands when your done, & esspecialy before handling food.


D - March 10

I was worried about this topic myself, until I studied into it further. From the research I did, once you have had toxoplasmosis, you develop an immunity, so you won't get it again. If you're like me, and had the cats for a long time, you could have had it already and don't know it. you can be tested to see if you are immune. Also - the cats shouldn't get it unless they are exposed - my cats are indoor only, so they are low risk. Toxoplasmosis takes 1-2 days to develop in the feces after the cat has left it in the box.... So, I'm having my husband scoop the litter boxes for me daily. That way I figure I keep the likelihood of them getting it on their paws lower. The CDC has quite a number of articles on the subject - here's a link to a brochure they have that gives a pretty good overview: I really don't think its too high a risk to worry about, as long as I take the recommended extra precautions while pregnant.


carol - March 10

you should check with your doctor, but my sister (who is a vet) told me I should be fine (I have three cats and am the one who takes care of them) She said you have already been exposed and have built up the antibodies. Of course, I would double check this with my DR


Lori - March 10

I have a cat and I have a hard time getting my husband to faithfully clean the liter box everyday... do you think if I wore gloves and a mask that it would be fine? Has anyone asked their doctor about that?


Billie - March 10

Like I said, I have my husband do it. I am too scared to do it for obvious reasons. Have you explained the risk to your husband? The doctor told my husband to do it and he has done it everyday since.


JJ - March 10

If your cat is a strictly indoor cat then the chances of it picking up toxoplasmosis is relly low ane it is carried in its feces so don't play with his paws lots if an outdoor kiity


to Kelly from Nelle - March 10

Hey kelly, Word of advise for you. DON'T CLEAN THE CAT LITTER BOX! lol I'm a cla__sic example. When my mom was pg with me she cleaned a cat litter box and the parasite called toxoplasmosis was in the feces. Well she inhaled the parasite as I was developing my eyes in her womb. The parasite(toxo) went straight to my eyes and stayed put. I still have it and it's a sleeping/waking parasite. When it wakes up it eats away my cornea and because of it I also have retinitis....I have HUGE blind spots in my eyes because of it and it's only "woke" up 3 times in my life so far. The doc says that if it wakes up more often I will lose my site..Hope this is good info for ALL the pg Ladies DON'T CLEAN THE CAT LITTER BOX!!!! make the hubby do it...if you have any questions ask me


nelle again - March 10

It harms the baby in different ways that it does a normal person. It affects anything the baby is developing at the time the mom inhales it! Please Please dont touch the cat litter box! Ladies if you are immune it doesn't mean your baby is!



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