Does He Really Want A Child

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BelieveInWhatYouWant - December 19

I am twenty-three and my husband is thirty. We just celebrated our four year anniversary for our first date, and we have been married for a little over one year. My husband has told me several times that he does not think he is able to have kids, he used to party a lot. He and his ex-fiance tried to have a baby for two years with no luck. To me, this makes me think that he IS ready to have children. He tells me he wants to have a baby, and that we will when "the time is right." I do not like that answer, I want a baby more than anything in this world. I feel that because he does not think he is able to have a baby, and I want one so bad, he does not want to try. It is very confusing and I do not know what to think. He is constantly telling me that we will have kids, and he wants kids really bad, but he never tries. Whenever I try to ask him about it, he changes the topic. I just do not know what to do or say to him. Any suggestions?


Grandpa Viv - December 20

I guess you need to get him to expand on "when the time is right" - exactly what are the conditions? In a living and sympthetic way, give him "Don't go changing the topic - this is an important conversation that is needed to hold this relationship together." And what does "he never tries" mean? Are you not having s_x, does he always insist on birth control?


BelieveInWhatYouWant - December 20

I have asked him several times why he avoids the question, and he just continues to avoid it. When I say he never tries, I am not on any kind of birth control, and never have been and we do not use condoms. Whenever we have s_x he pulls out. I want to hell him that it kind of hurts my feelings, especially when previous in the day he has told me that he talks about having kids. It seems like he is always contradicting himself.


Grandpa Viv - December 23

Hmm! You have a self-cenetered man on your hands! Statistically, with pull-out s_x you are likely to get pregnant within four years. If you want to hurry things up you can resort to a little trickery, though in the long run that may not be advisable. You could explain that you would like to orgasm too, and pull-out doesn't help. If you are on top he may find it more difficult to pull out in time. Know when you are most fertile (CD 13 of 28) and grab a handful of s____n and put it where it should have gone! I fear that if you are not together on this, you may find yourself with a baby and no husband. GL!


BelieveInWhatYouWant - December 28

We have been together for four years. I brought up the idea of having a baby about six months ago, and he seems almost afraid of the idea. I just do not understand why he would try to have a baby with his ex-fiance when they were together, and not me. having children is very important to me and he knew this from day one. I just don't know anymore. Thanks for the advice :)



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