Does It Go Fast

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kat - June 22

Hello everyone, Im 22 weeks and am just like any other mother and am very anxious to see my son. Every since i found out what s_x he was and now that he is always moving i am just anxious for him to get out here, i was just curious for all the women who have had children berfore or are almost done with there pregnancy if it goes by fast, please let me know your feelings on this topic


Jbear - June 22

My first pregnancy seemed to last forever...but my second one has sped by.


Julie - June 22

First one went by fast this time I am 24 weeks and I feel like I am never gonna get this kid out!!!!


Katharine - June 22

Both times, I have found out really early (within 2-3 weeks of conception), so my pregnancies have been long.


CEM - edd 6/26/05 - June 22

my first 2 went by fast, and this one has been taking FOREVER!! the first two were both born in february, so i was much more comfortable than i am now. i'm due in 4 days and am also the biggest i've ever been so i think that's hard as it may be just try to enjoy your little son inside you, you've got a whole lifetime with him on the outside! best of luck :))


s - June 22

But what does it feel like??


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 22

My first pregnancy took years to get through, or atleast it felt like years. I stopped working at 5 months because of severe sciatic pain in my back (baby laying on nerve). I had nothing to do but think about the upcoming arrival of my first born. With my second, it went faster, because I was more occupied with my daughter and her play groups, the park, and mommy and me swim cla__ses. This pregnancy is going by kind of fast, but Nov. 7th seems so far away right now. Probably because today is only the second day of summer. The key to a fast pregnancy is keeping yourself occupied. If you just sit around all day and think baby baby baby, it's gonna take forever. :o)


Jessicca - June 22

This is my very first pregnancy...I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm very anxious to see my son born! I know how much you feel, I want to see him & play with him! I think I started feeling this way in my mid 2nd. trimester, 20 I know how much you feel!



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