Does It Matter How Long

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Stace - April 28

This is a really daft question so I apologise now. I hear that giving birth to a second child is far quicker than the first as your body has kind of learned the rules so to speak, however its been 7 years since I had my daughter and to be honest I only dilated to 8 cm and that was with help. Whats the likelyhood that this time my body will get it right or do you think my body might have 'forgotten' the rules after so long and lets face it it let me down the first time. Anyone found they had an easier time second time round after having a rotten time first time?


Stace - April 29

Bumping this up in the hope I'll get a reply.


Elle - April 29

Hi Stace, I too wondered the same thing!! I had a baby 10 1/2 years ago and had a rotten time of it all. Nothing went "naturally" so I had to be induced, labor was heinous, the epidural didn't work, I had a bad episiotomy, etc. I was worried that since it had been 10 1/2 years, my body wouldn't "remember" what to do either...but it did! And this time around it was SO easy! My water broke naturally, labor was a breeze, I only pushed for 10 minutes, and had virtually no pain afterwards. Remember that each pregnancy/labor/delivery is different, so I would say you have a pretty darn good chance that things will go much smoother this time around! All the best to you - good luck - enjoy - and keep the faith. You will do fine!


dedaa - April 29

Me second delivery was vey easy as well I was started labor and pushed him out within 21/2 hours never had any medication or anything it was really fast there was nothing to it. Unlike my first I was in intense labor for 27 1/2 hours and the used pitocin to make it go faster very long. The second birth was so quick I want another one already I actually said that while I was delivering. Kind of weird I guess but there is nothing to worry about just relax it goes very quick as long as everything is ok.


Stace - April 29

Thank you so much both of you that makes me feel so much better knowing that there is a chance things may go ok. I wont know until 34 weeks if I can go naturally due to the size of the baby but I really do want to try for a natural birth if I can. Thanks again xxxxxxxx


Been There - April 29

It really just depends. My first time was much easier than the second time. My body did what it was supposed to the first time and acted up the second.


zoelouise - April 30

Well My 1st i was 15mins but i had 4degree tear my son was revieved and i was rushed to threate for 7hours just pulled thru i had blood tranfusion... 2nd i was 50 mins no complications... 3rd i was 2hrs 4th degree tear scar tissues from first reopened....Mine was quicker i think i am pregnant with 4th neg tests but all signs



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