Does It Sound Like I M Pregnant

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Vyxsin69 - October 11

I'm 27. I normally have a cycle of 26 days. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant, but here are my symptoms...... I have been feeling really wet when I should be feeling very dry before a period (right?). My period was supposed to come on the 7th (tuesday), although web pages say the 8th. I took a HPT on the 9th (thursday) and it was negative. Later that night, I saw a brown spotting when I wiped after using the bathroom. That was the first time I saw this. I thought my period was here. However.... The next day (friday), all day, I saw nothing. The only thing I saw when I wiped was two very, very, VERY tiny brown SPOTS. Just two very little dots (like a pen dot) on the toilet paper. It looked like tissue or a very tiny part of a blood clot, and it was brown. Very weird. Still, I thought my period was coming and went about my day. But it didnt show up all day. Finally that afternoon (yesterday) I went to my doctor so he can send me to a lab for blood work and get a pregnancy test done, which will be done on monday (tomorrow) Last night I didnt sleep at all. I went to the bathroom at 6am and when I wiped, I saw bright red. I thought my period was here. I put on a pad and went to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later at 12:30pm-ish (today), I went to the bathroom, and again I saw nothing. I went to the bathroom at 3:00pm and saw NOTHING!! I keep checking myself and nothing is there. Sometimes I'll see a clear white kind of discharge (very little) when I wipe, or the two tiny brown spots, but still no period. The other day and today I even went as far as checking to see if my cervix is hard and low. I've read that before a period, thats where it should be. Well, its not as low as it normally would be before a period (I've done this in the past). Nor is it as hard as it should be. Its hard, but there is some softness to it. Hard to explain. I've felt it be a lot harder before my period came, and its not as hard as that. Anyways.... I've had tingly/itch br___ts and nipples for a week or more. Two people at different times have said they look bigger. I'm gassy. I'll crave something but after I'm done cooking it I dont want it anymore. It just seems "gross" to eat, like....why the h__l did I want this? I feel little "flutters" in my stomach on the right side which I think could be from gas cause I'm pretty positive its way to early to feel movement....but I dont fart or burp after the flutters. I dunno, just really weird things are going on. My last period was september 12th. It was not like any other period I had. It was deep red, very watery and lasted 5 days and not the normal 4. The period before that was august 18th, it ended on the 22nd and it was a normal period. My fiance and I had s_x on the 27th (9 days after my period started, 5 days after it ended)....which was just two or three days before ovulation (supposedly) and sperm can live in a female for 5 days. However, we used the "pull-out" method. We have tried to get pregnant before (for a long time) without any protection, no pulling out, no nothing....but we had no luck. He had an injury when he was little so we thought maybe he had a low sperm count. We just kinda "gave up".....trying, but not trying. Well anyways, here it is, october 11th and I am 4 days late. I'm wondering if that bright red blood this morning was implantation bleeding. I dont feel pregnant and my HPT was negative. But I have the tingly br___ts and the weird spotting. With my son, I knew I was pregnant right away. I didnt even need a test. My only sign was that I would wake up feeling sick to my stomach for an hour, and then it went away. And it only lasted a week. I'm not stressed, I'm a SAHM. How stressed can I be? lol. My daily routine is pretty much the same. I hang out with my son. I make him stuff to eat when hes hungry, we go to the park. I wouldnt say I'm stressed. I have not changed anything in my diet. I still eat the same things (good and bad) that I've always been eating. Please keep in mind, I NEVER GET ANY SIGNS THAT MY PERIOD IS ON ITS WAY!!! Normally I wake up and its there, or I go to the bathroom and its there. Spotting, but not as light as this. I dont even get cramps while I have my period. The last time I got a cramp I was 14 lol. I know you guys are not doctors, but I could really use the advice from anyone who can help. Does it sound like I'm pregnant? Has anyone had the same experience as me and ended up pregnant? Even with a partner with (possibly) a low sperm count using the pull out method?.....IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?? I hope so! *fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes are crossed* lol


bens_marksmom - October 11

Well - kind of in the same timeline - my cycles we're always irregular my last one started 9/11. bd on the 27th. I've been feeling pregnant for about a week. Tired, b___st swollen and hurting, right side flutters, i have a plushy stomach and it's now hard and shaped up on the top like it was with my 2nd son. my stomach changed even before i knew i was pregnant. I took a hpt on the 8th and 11th both negative. Have had s_x with dhto try to get my cycle started and nothing. I still feel pregnant eventhough it's bfn. With my 1st son I was unable to get a bfp throughout the entire pregnancy. However I found out from a blood test that i was 4 weeks and 3 days. I'm not sure I really want to be pregnant yet because My 2nd son is only 9 months old. keep me updated - maybe we'll be going through a pregnancy together.


bens_marksmom - October 11

i forgot to say i go to the dr on tuesday - and she usually has no problem with me asking her to draw any type of bloodwork - so i'll let you know to


canemma - October 13

I'm so glad to find this thread! This sounds exactly like me, and I have searched all over the place looking for threads like this. I'm ttc and had symptoms a few days after ovulation (constipation, food aversions, cravings, heartburn, fluttery feeling), a blip of red spotting on 10 dop, and then 11-12 brown spotting. Today, 12 dpo, red when I wiped. Crampy feeling in my lower stomach and back, so I fear AF is coming. Did HPT yesterday (dpo 11) and had BFN. I know that may have been too early, but i was chomping at the bit.. I wish you the best. Please update with news from doc!


bens_marksmom - October 14

bfn for me. it's ok though my youngest needs tiime with him mommy. so does the oldest still


Grandpa Viv - October 14

Test weekly using first morning pee. Don't give up hope until you are two weeks late and still negative. Your signs sound good - cervix is not usually considered a good sign, but since you know what is should feel like at this juncture, maybe you can take courage from that too. "Wet down there" when you know you should be dry is very encouraging. Good luck!



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