Does Lubricant Kill Sperm

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Lisa - September 20

This is our second month trying and we were wondering if lubricant kill Sperm. We use Astroglide because I know it's one of the best ones. Can someone help us????


nicole - September 20

are you tryin to get pregnant? if you are then we are on the same boat except for i dont use lubricant. i was told that it can slow the sperm down. you should use somethin natural like saliva or water to lubricate.hope this helps!


Lisa - September 20

YES we are trying to get pregnant!!!! So it doesn't kill sperm??? It just slows it down?


brucen - September 20

Some studies have found, sperm motility and viability were dramatically reduced after exposure to even small concentrations of Astroglide and other lubricants--including saliva.


V - September 29

My doctor told us not to use a lubricant period. It does not kill the sperm but it makes it difficult for them to swim b/c of the thickness. My doctor said if we needed lubication to use saliva. It worked b/c we got pregnant once we stopped using the over-the-counter lubricant. Good luck.


me - September 30

I was just reading about this online a couple of days ago. They tested, saliva, egg whites, veg oil, baby oil, & a couple of other things. Anyway, the results were that the baby oil had the least affect on the sperm, where the saliva had the next to highest effect on the sperm. If I can find the web-site I was looking at again I will come back & post it. I can tell you that I found it by going to google & typing in "affects of saliva on sperm"


Viv - September 30

I'm skeptical about some of the on-line research on this. Most of it goes back to Pre-Seed, a lubricant being widely touted. It may be nothing more than a fancy advertising campaign. To my way of thinking, most lubricant stays in the outer reaches of the v____a, whereas the s____n gets deposited close to the cervix. But I've been wrong before.


Carol - October 1

Don't worry! I got pregnant and we regulary use astroglide. Good Luck!!!



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