Does Morning Sickness Healthy Pregnancy

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J - February 22

I have heard if you have morning sickness it means your pregnancy is a healthy one? Is this true? I had it with my son and did not have it with my last pregnancy which sadly ended in m/c and am now 7 weeks and have it!


rose - February 22

i have had 2 children and never had any sickness they are beautiful and healthy so i would have to say no


Leahp - February 22

That's what I've read! What kind of morning sickness did you have with your last pregnancy, nausea or actually throwing up?? I've had full on nausea for almost a month and I think it's finally going in hiding!!


Maleficent - February 22

no, mroning sickness is not a sign of a healthy pregnancy. i was not sick for one single day when i was pregnant with my son and everything was fine. i was sick with my daughter, and everything was fine. after a m/c i think morning sickness would be rea__suring though. just a little daily reminder, ala nausea.


J - February 22

I feel like I have to throw up and go to do it but nothing comes out. This happens first thing every morning then nausea on and off all day long.


Marie - February 23

I read several articles that said morning sickness is caused by raising in hormone levels. So if you do have it is an encouraging sign that everything is OK. However if you don't have it that doesn't mean that something is wrong. If you have a sensitive stomach to begin with or your mom or grandmother also had mornging sickness chances are you will as well.


levi - February 24

hi j, i am onto my 5th baby and had no morning sickness, with the other 4 pregnancys i was constantly being sick and they are all girls, this baby is a boy, maybe there is truth in saying girls bring really bad morning sickness and boys dont, well thats whats happened to me.


saralee - February 24

this is my third pregnancy, i had servere morning sickness with my other two , both boys. it started before my AF was due .into my 6th week now but nothing just a little nauseous


Rhea - March 10

My first pregnancy resulted a miscarriage at 18 weeks. I am pregnant again and it is my 6th week. I had no morning sickness during my last pregnancy and neither do I have it this time. I am very scared what if it happens again. It was tough the first time but if it happens again it would be devastating. Are the two things related. Is there a definite answer to it. I have my fingers crossed and hope everything is fine this time.


amanda.d - March 10

i had two pregnancies without morning sickness and then my last one and this one i do. all my children were healthy.


n - March 10

i heard that for pepole who have morning sickness miscariage is less liky to happen . just be relax about that


Kelly K - March 10

No one in my family has ever had morning sickness.. including me. My pregnancy is going very well with no problems.


Amy - March 10

I am 6 weeks and I haven't had any morning sickness at all. In the afternoon sometimes, I may feel a little nauseous. I think sometimes you can look too much into things. Think about the 1800s when most women didn't even go to the doctor! I'm just praying each night that I have a happy, healthy baby.


aa - March 10

if this was to be true I would say my baby is going to be SUPER healthy!!



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