Does Morning Sickness Indicate Gender

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Trish# - February 10

I have heard that no m/s means you're having a girl!! Has anyone else heard this? I started thinking of friends w/ children and can see where this might be true! Wanted to take a poll of all you women with children. I'm pg w/ my first and my dr. is teasing me saying it's probably a girl b/c of no m/s. He said boys seem to make their mom's sicker. He was half joking but said he has seen this to be true often times. What do you think?


krc - February 10

no....the man's sperm is what dtermines gender...his Y chromosome.


Jenn - February 10

actually, I have always heard that it is the opposite-no ms =boy and having ms is a girl. For me-my first I didn't get sick-other than some nausea and I had a boy and then with this one I got sick and its another boy. But I do think that its morning sickness means girl-but its a wives tale-however, my friends who have been real sick have ended up with girls.


krc - February 10

my friend has 2 girls..she was sick as a dog with her girls and not sick with her son. Her sister has 2 girls and wasn't sick at all. That is just a wives' tale.


m - February 10

I have heard that, too... not that m/s "determines" gender, but that it can be indicative of it. However, with my first 2 sons, I barely had anything at all. Just a little nausea. So that agreed with the old wive's tale. This time, EVERYTHING was different. I was sick as a d__n dog. I'm 23 weeks, and still get sick if I don't take my Unisom. Anyhoo, I'm having another boy. But hey, those tales are tales for a reason, so sometimes it's fun to believe in them. :o) Best of luck!


M.A. - February 10

I have two girls already. With the first, I had no sickness except one morning. With the second I had no sickness except one morning, but I had really bad acid. I felt like throwing up a lot! I just didn't. I had to take tums. Now I'm having a boy, and have not had morning sickness once. But the acid is horrible! I feel like I'm going to throw up morning, noon, and night! My friend has two boys, and was always having morning sickness in the beginning. I don't think it's a sign.


savannahmg - February 10

Trish: I don't think that's true. I was so sick with my 1st baby I threw up every morning and everytime I ate something- it was horrbile. I had a girl. I'm pregnant again 4 years later and I'm still sicker than a dog. The morning sickness isn't as bad though it's the HORRIBLE SENSE OF SMELL that I'm having... I hate it! Good luck!


jenniferjuliane - February 10

It's not true. Every pregnancy is different and every women is different. My mom puked 3 times a day with all 3 kids and there are 2 girls and a boy. Another friend of mine, in her first pg, she had no m/s and it was a boy. second pg, always m/s and it was a boy. So I think it's all in how your body respondes to each pregnancy. In due time you'll know the gender!


Krista - February 10

Trish#- I have HEARD that a boy would make you sicker because...well, we are females and carrying a boy...would cause different hormones than we're used to causing us to be did had 2 boys with ZERO sickness. =( guess we wont know til the u/s


amandababy - February 11

I didn't get sick once and I am having a boy...


Daniella - February 11

I also heard the opposite.. that if you have worse morning sickness its a girl and less is a boy!! Actually hear that way too often. Well... I am 28 weeks with 110% boy and never got sick once!! but like you M.A. I have heartburn like you wouldn't believe. I have a bottle of tums next to my bed. I get it even if I drink water. lol.. nothing seems to help it. BUT never morning sickness. ___Krista- actually they say that being pregnant with a girl is double the female hormones and thats why you get sick more often. lol.. At any rate... I think its still pretty much all a myth. _Trish- how far along are you???


Angie in MI - February 11

Its an old wives tale and it think it is the opposite. At any rate, my 4 friends and I grew up together and all became pregnant with in a year of each other. I'm the last. Only one of them had morning sickness and she was the only one to have a girl and I'm having a girl and had morning sickness until my 24th week. But, its not true! Just a coincidence!


kjones - February 11

I had m/s with 2 of my pregnancies and they were both girls and with this one I havent had any Im just tired, some heartburn and very hungry.


Jbear - February 12

I had no morning sickness with my first pregnancy, and really bad morning sickness with my second--both girls.


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 13

I think it is all, well, bull...My neighbor across the street has a one year-old boy, we talked a lot throughout her pregnancy and she never once was sick or even felt ill...I'm also carrying a boy and never had any morning sickness, did feel queasy a couple of times, but never actually threw up, all in all, I had a tired, but totally sickness free first three months...


cd3 - February 13

i know an old wifes tail that bad morning sickness indecates twins but i dont believe it my sickness was worse with my second (a girl) and not too bad with my 1st(a boy)


Ba8y6irl - February 13

well I didn't have any m/s whatsoever and I am having a girl so I guess that old wives tale is right for me!



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