Does My Dog Know Things That I Dont

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concerned - May 1

This may sound silly but would love your views. I have a king charles spaniel and he has been acting funny all day. I am 30 weeks pregnant and had a really bad time, i went into labour at 27 weeks and the hospital managed to stop it. This morning i got up and was having really bad pains in my stomach, the bottom of my back and in the tops of my legs, do you think my dog knows that something is going to happen because he will not leave me alone, everytime i get up to do something he is always by my my feet, as i am typing this message he is here beside me. You you think he knows something is going to happen or am i just being stupid.


Kaz - May 1

Aren't they amazing. Cops use dogs to track crims down because they can smell and pick up the scent of adrenilin, which is a hormone. So I've no doubt that your dog can sense something. I don't know if it means something's about to happen but just take it easy I suppose. I saw a doc_mentary a couple of years ago that was about dogs' acute sense of smell and showed how much so by using dogs to sniff out cancerous melenomas on people. No joke


Jessy - May 1

hey you got a smart dog...have you seen "Miracle Pets" on PAX? After watching that show alot..I'd say anything is possible!! Did you know that venomous snakes are afraid of pregnant women? No's been tested...they just don't like the pregnancy hormone...all animals w/keen sense of smell notice these's how they REACT to it that is different and somtimes startling in certain animals....go to your doctor...I think your dog is right and there must be somthing going on...good luck and GOD BLESS


Lissi - May 1

I don't think it's stupid to a__sume that your dog can sense something is happening. I've read about dogs that can warn their owners when they are about to have an epileptic fit, because they can sense the chemical change in their bodies.



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