Does Positive Really Mean That Your Pregnant

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T - November 30

I have taken an at home pregnancy test and it has come back positive....but does that really mean I am??? I mean can you have a false positve? I'm not taking any medications that would affect my levels.... Thanks


To T - November 30

Congradulations! Yes, I am positive you are pregnant if your test results are positive. I don't think they have false positive pregnancy test. Go to your doctor to start taking the right vitamins.


jen - December 1

i had a positive so went to the doctor for him to do an 'official' test and he said there was no need as the over the counter tests are just as accurate as the lab tests they send away for. how overdue for your period are you?


T - December 1

well now almost 3 months


Meag - December 8

My husband and I have been ttc since April. I was diagnosed with PCOS and just had my first round of Clomid. My period is not late but I took a test yesterday and it was positive. I went this morning for blood work to confirm this and I am anxiously awaiting the results!!! My doctors office seems certain that if I got a positive than I am pregnant. Merry Christmas to me and my husband!!!!


tiffani - December 8

Thats wonderful news Meag! Congratulations!


Christine - December 8

I took 3 tests that came out faintly positive. then went to the clinic for a urine test, it came back negative. since then i started a light period. am i pregnant or not?


gEE - May 25



Tasha - May 26

Christine - a couple months ago I went to a clinic to have a urine test done and the lady who did it told me that hpt's are more sensitive than ones they have in the clinic - I would think it would be the other way around but thats what she told me!


Lissi - May 26

Yes you are pregnant. HTP's don't show false positives, only false negatives.Even so, I got a strong positive but still had to take another to convince myself! :) Congratulations. Hope all goes well for you.


mama2b - May 26

I remember asking myself that same question, even though I got 3 strong positive tests. called my doctor and she explained there are in fact, false positives, but however its extremely rare. tests are more likely to get a false negative than false positive. I'd double check with your doc to make sure, but am feeling the positive is indeed a +. good luck to you all :)


; ) - May 26

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?


gee - May 26

Can you still be pregnant and not feel any symptoms and get your period? after 5 months?


Ashley - May 27

i dont mean to rain on your parade but i had a pos hpt then went for a blood test at the doc. it came out borderline. i went back in 48 hours for a repeat test and it was negative. my dh and i were so dissappointed. good luck and baby dust to you though!



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