Does Sickness During Pregnancy Mean Boy Or Girl

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Michela - September 29

Hi!! I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first and have a silly question....maybe. I really suffered with "all day" sickness from about 9 weeks to 19weeks, and a lot of people have told me that "you must be having a boy" I was wondering if that was true for any of you? My sister was very sick with my nephew but had no morning sickenss with my niece, so in her case it's true. We were unable to see the baby's s_x at our ultrasound, so I am still playing the guessing game. But please share your stories with regards to my question!! I would love to hear them!! My husband and I really want a boy, but would be happy with any healthy baby!! Extra info - I am carrying in the middle, kinda high, I don't look very pregnant, and you can't tell if you stand behind me!! Thanks everyone!!


Chris1975 - September 29

Hi there, I heard the exact opposite....wives tale that extreme and prolonged m/s when carrying girls. One of my friends had m/s up thru whole pregnancy and she had a girl, but then, ive known other women to have it who ended up with boys...i think its just a wives tale that you cant really put much faith in :) Have fun guessing tho! Maybe try the other wives tales and see how many come up with boy? (ie: Chinese calendar ; sweets/savoury foods - if you crave sweets girl, savory boy ; lots of acne - girl ; needle/ring test above belly)...tho i wouldnt put any faith in any of them, theyre kind of fun :)


Tory1980 - September 29

Unfortunately not. I have had three boys, with my first I had absolutly nothing, with my second I got sick practically from conception, and with my third got sick from about 9weeks right through to 28weeks with the odd day here and there. No idea what this one is but the sickness was different again.


crackersforme - September 30

I had all day m/s up until about 15 weeks & just had my ultrasound a little while back. They said they 'think' it was a boy...although she wasn't 100% sure. Also -- the heartbeat was there goes the myth that a heartbeat over 140 is a girl!!


BethS - September 30

I didnt get sick at all when i was preggers with my little man. Im now just 19 weeks and was sick a few times and will find out what this one is in another week.


lisa mc - October 1

i was really sick for the first 3 months with my daughter and am now pregnant with my second and have had no sickness havent found out yet if it is a boy or girl will let u know!!!!


Dolly - October 1

What is the needle/ring test??



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