Does That Pregnancy Magazine Ad Bother Anyone Else

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Lin - January 19

I just want to know if I'm the only one or if anyone else finds that Pregnancy Magazine ad too big. I'm often on this forum while at work, and I always find myself frantically trying to hide the top of the brower window every time that ad comes up, because I don't exactly want to make it public to my colleagues that we're ttc. A big pregnancy banner at the top of the screen kind of screams it out, you know? My office door is right behind my desk, so I know lots of people can see my screen as they walk past. Anyone else find themself doing this?


AprilMum - January 19

I don't have to worry about people at work or anything - I just wish they would change the pictures in their ads once in awhile! I've been coming here for eight months, and they've never been changed.


Gem - January 19

Yes when I work nights a come on to the site and find myself doing the same thing if anyone is near by.


TC - January 19

When I was pregnant and working it bothered me. I only went on the computer during my lunch break and there were other people having lunch at that time as well. I really was not interested in anybody giving me their comments about reading pregnancy stuff while pregnant.


m - January 20

Lin, I don't think I've ever noticed, but I'll pray that they take it off.... LOL. Just kidding.... couldn't pa__s on the opportunity to bust your chops! ;o) Really, though, just kidding.


Ba8y6irl - January 20

get Norton Anti-Spam, it takes away ads on pages... I dont see anything! Although I still see the google stuff at the top of the list, which I hate!!


krc - January 20

I am lucky !! I sit in a cubicle in the back so to speak. I work with 8 other women. The way my computer sits no one can see what im doing but even so the is a cubicle wall behind my computer . AND I can hear them coming so I have plenty of time to minimize !! But because my position has no purpose or importance nobody ever comes to see me. This cubicle has become my den. Sometimes I just sit and daydream wasting time!!!! How pathetic is that, LOL !!!


Tess - January 20

I have a privacy filter on my computer (at work) so when some1 pa__s by they can't really see my monitor that well. plus I have a mirror facing me that I could see if some1 is walking by to my direction. hehehe


Ba8y6irl - January 20

great idea Tess, with the mirror! I am lucky I am at Reception and in a corner so everyone has to come infront of me :)


AprilMum - January 20

So the day after I made my post - they added two new ads!! ........big brother must be watching me...!



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