Does The Doc With Hold Info

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Leahp - April 29

I went for my u/s the other day and the tech went through all of the baby's organs and measurements, but then when my husband and I ask repeatedly if everything looks alright they're so nonchalant about it!! Yea. no enthusiasm or emotion, I was even crying during the u/s after she told us we're having a girl and she really didn't have any kind of reaction or offered a tissue! So then we're waiting for the doc and he comes in and acts as if he didn't know we had our u/s that day, he asked when it was scheduled and we were like, "um we just had it today!!!" So he found it in the file and said OH! here it is, yea your placenta is a little low but no need to worry and so then my husband and I ask again if the baby looks good, though, Oh yea, everthing looks good. I know they do this everyday, but then it feels like he didn't even know what was going on and that why didn't the tech just tell me about the placenta, it feels like they are hiding info. I'm probably paranoid!!


Jamie - April 29

*hug* It's okay - better than my last u/s, where the tech didn't even want to let me see the screen!!! Congrats on your little girl! It sucks, but my guess is that since it's not THEIR baby, and they see so many patients, that it doesn't occur to them that this is OUR body, et cetera...they do become detached.


michelle - April 29

I don't think the techs are supposed to tell people anything. They're pretty low on the totem pole - so to speak - and don't have very much authority. And they're not really trained to interpret and have opinions. Plus, drs. can get kind of territorial ("That's MY patient!") and no one wants to step on their toes. I know from experience, if there is something wrong, no tech is going to tell you.


Jenn... - April 29

You are not alone. My tech was so unpersonable and monotonous. She hardly even talked to us. My husband was trying to make conversation with her and pointed out that she had lots of baby pictures. She responded "well i've been doing this for 20 years." I think they just foget that each and every baby is still a miracle, it becomes just their job. Also, they would let you know if they see anything wrong, but my tech was quick to point out there could be something they can't see. Which may attribute to why they seem to be hesitant to tell you they baby is perfect.


D - April 29

I think the techs reaction is normal, but the doctors reaction would concern me. I don't like it when they don't seem to be aware of what is going on! Is he usually like this? or was it just a bad day?


Leahp - April 29

Thanks for the rea__surance!! All I know he is a very popular doc and is highly busy! I think he just grabbed the file and didn't even look at it before he walked in, but I guess somewhere around the u/s photos it was obvious that my placenta will need to be looked at again and he said it's nothing to worry about! I picked this doc because he delivered me and I thought it would be neat to have the same doc, he's been in the practice for a very long time!


monica - April 29

Hi Leah Congrats on your baby girl!!! Dont worry everything is fine. If their was anything wrong the doctor would of called you soon as he could. But you already spoke to him and he said everything was fine. Trust me they will tell you even the smallest thing because they are the ones that are paranoid. Most techs cant tell you anything and there job is just to check and make sure everything is good. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy... have you thought of any names yet?


Leahp - April 29

Hey Monica, I think we're probably going with Sophia, we love it! I hope it's a girl, the tech didn't even print off a photo for us saying that it was a girl or showing and my mom keeps drilling saying they could be wrong. So now she has me worried to go splurge!! But heck, I saw it for myself and pretty much knew before she even told us, but that's just not enough for the madre!! She's silly! I was like, what did you want a boy, but she was really wanting a girl and I guess hopeful it stays that way!! How's your pregnancy coming along if this is the monica I have been chatting with for sometime now!!!


amanda.d - April 29

I'm sorry that you girls all have had techs that are unattatched and cold.My tech was awesome, he pointed out everything, laughed with me when the baby was hiding his little arms and so on.He also put my mind at ease.I sure hope you girls get better u/s next time.It also may be that my tech is on his own in his own building and it is strictly for u/s.Also he didn't rush and went over absolutely everything and squashed any fear(s) i may have had.Good Luck Ladies!!


Eryn - April 30

Legally Techs can't tell you problems. The doctor has to let you know because Techs aren't allowed to diagnois complications. At least in my state. When I got my information on the u/s it told us not to even ask the tech if their were any problems. Kinda sucks but you want to here it from a doctor anyways.


monica - May 2

Hi Leah Yes its the same monica from the Doppler days. I really like the name Sophia....Pregnancy is OK so far. My stomach is getting pretty big and I still have 3 months to go. I am having a boy... thinking of naming him Luke. I cant wait to meet him and hold him. :)


Karen - May 2

So sorry to hear that, my tech was awesome, she even made me do my ultrasound earlier cause my bladder was bursting. We made conversation and she took what seem forever to check my little man out. She even went back to check what I was having cause the first time he had his legs crossed. HA. After she pointed out his little p___s and said she was certain it was a boy. She also showed me when he was squezing his little hand. She pointed out every thing she was checking, kidneys, spine, arms etc. She went through the procudure step by step. She was very nice and patient held the screen a bit longer for me to see and actually enjoyed the whole event with me. She also pointed out that everything was normal. After the doc check my results he confirmed what she had said he seemed as excited as I was !!! . I have a very nice, attentive doc who goes through with me step my step with everything , thank God cause I ask a million and one questions. Some techs I guess can be real a__ses but there are some that are still human, I guess her being a mother herself understood what I was going through. I would not worry Leahp I am sure your little one is fine. Nuff lov


leslie - May 2

Karen, I have my u/s tomorrow and I hope I get a tech like yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to cross my fingers!!!!!!!!



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