Does This Mean Your Pregnant

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Joelle - April 18

Hey I took two home tests..And they both came up with two lines whitch means postive but the one line is way lighter then the other does this still mean I am and..Does it take longer for blood work to show you are then a pee test?? thanks


Deb - April 18

If you got two lines, then you are pregnant. It doesn't matter if one line is lighter than the other. There wouldn't be a line at all if there wasn't any pregnancy hormone in your system. Many women get light lines at first, and then after several days or weeks if they test again it is darker. Blood tests can usually tell you you're pregnant sooner than a urine test, but it sometimes takes a while to get the results back from the lab. The hormone shows up sooner in your blood than it does in your urine.


Erynn21 - April 18

My pos line was faint, but it showed pos as soon as I peed on it. Like Deb said (and the box should) if you get 2 lines you're pg. Blood test do show up quicker, but they're expensive, and do take awhile.


numba1cutie6t9 - April 18

yup. your pregnant! :-) you could have taken that hpt that reads straight out "pregnat" " not pregnant" if ur really confused. I forget which one it is. Congrats


zoelouise - April 21

Yes your prego congratulations...Get your self booked in with gp..good luck luv zo xxxxx


sasa - April 21

Hey Joelle.... now it's time for me to help you.... Well in Feb... I found out I was pregnant witha pregancy home test.. I took it twice and the second line was lighter than the other... and I was.. I was 6 adn a half wks...unfortunately it ended up in a miscarriage.. but anyways... the most effective way is taking a blood test.. I did the home pregnancy test first, the the urine one and then the blood and they all confrimed it.. if I were you I'd go for the blood test because there is where your hormones show up... Hope this helps...


mommie2bagain - April 21

def yes! congrats:) u may be very early on in your preg.-4-6wks? your hcg horomone isnt in full force yet, that may be y it was so light. Same thing for me!


Joelle - April 28

awww thats wicked i went to the doctors and im 3 in a half weeks pregnant im so excited :)



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