Does What You Eat Have An Affect On Your Baby

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Kate - May 27

I know everyone says you should start eating healthier when you're pregnant and I really have tried but I'm afraid I'm still snacking on junk food and loads of toast and I haven't stopped my usual indian takeaway. I'm 33 weeks so I suppose it's a bit late to put things right. I've just basically eat what I feel like. I wondered if anyone had an opinion on whether what you eat can affect or harm your baby in any way? Thanks


m - May 27

I think you've done fine. What puzzles me is when we see images of babies/toddlers in countries that are in famine, I wonder how the women were able to carry a baby to term lacking so much nutrition. Some women walk around with 2 or 3 children.


kate - May 27

Hi m, I know whay you mean, that is puzzling. They seem to give birth so easily as well don't they - it's not like they have many pain relieving drugs. I hope it's not as painful as people make out!


Heath - May 27

Hi kate I also have pretty much eaten when im hungry and sad to say I haven't been the healthiest. I have been told that the baby takes what it needs from you and the rest is yours. I am 29 weeks and gained 23 lbs what about you?


Maleficent - May 27

i'd be more worried about your health than the baby's. your body makes supporting the baby it's top priority and you get whatever good stuff is left over. if you still have energy and feel good then don't sweat it. i eat like c___p when i'm pregnant too. oh... and if the famined countries puzzles you, think of this; during the holocaust women still gave birth to healthy 7-8lb babies. it's amazing how womens bodies automatically protect those precious little ones.


Julie - May 27

I think you are fine as long as you are taking a prenatal vitamin everyday. Like she said during the holocaust those women still gave birth to healthy babies.


m - May 27

Yeah, Hi Kate, isn't it strange? It's amazing that they can even conceive. It's really sad, though. And yeah, more amazing is how our bodies really protect the well being of the baby.


Lissi - May 27

I too have been eating c___p. Ice cream, chocolate, cookies and fast food. I'm trying to balance it out by drinking lots of fruit juice and milk. I find it really hard to eat green veggies, I hate them!


monica - May 27

I hate veggies too. I probably eat 2-3 servings a week. I love eggs and bread, and I love hamburgers... I will probably eat a hamburger with a banana shake today for lunch. I am 30 weeks and have gained 24 lbs.... Doctor says weight is right on track but I feel it may be a little high.



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