Does Your Baby Get Hiccups Everyday

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curious - April 28

My baby gets hiccups everyday and I can feel it. It is very very annoying. How can I stop this? does other mothers feel this?


w - April 28

I think my baby also has hiccups alot its like a small continous movement in my stomach, it's mad!!! I just press my belly hoping it will go away LOL!


Maddie - April 28

Wow...I posted a question just like this when I first found this site! I was SO worried, I didn't know how it was possible for a baby to have a constant timed interval sequence of movement. I learned it was hiccups from my doc. I always feel it in my lower right or left hand side, but I am carrying very low...Honestly to me it feels like "Tap...tap...tap...tap..." and it lasts for a couple of minutes, sometimes even LONGER than 5. My doc said that it is VERY healthy for your baby to get hiccups many times a day, it shows his lungs are developing.


Maleficent - April 28

my first babe had them several times a day, every day. you cant do anything about it. it bugs us mommies more than it bugs our babies.


E - April 28

He did and he hiccups like crazy still, out of my womb. It is nothing more than an underdeveloped neurological system, and it will go away in time. I always loved to feel the spasms from his hiccups. I miss being pregnant!!


to E - April 28

So when you get hiccups it's because your neurological system is underdeveloped?


E - April 28

No, but for infants who hiccup after every meal and then some, that is the case. Speak with a pediatrician if you want clarification.


E - April 28

"Chin trembling, lower lip quivering, frequent yawning, hiccups and sneezing are signs of the normal immature nervous system of a newborn. These reflexes disappear after 2 to 4 months." Source -


amie - April 28

please curious haw do you feel it I am very curious when the baby hiccups thank you


monica - April 28

at how many weeks can you feel babys hiccups?


KrisD - April 28

I had my 20 week u/s today, and the whole time the technician had my baby up on the screen, he had the hiccups. It was so funny. Although I can clearly feel the baby kicking every day, I couldn't feel the hiccups at all. I was kind of glad... I am sure I will in time. The tech said it was b/c the baby had been drinking the amniotic fluid, which they are supposed to do.


Fabienne - April 29

Yep. I'm 33 wks pregnant and baby has the hiccups several times a day, every day. I hear it doesn't bother them though...It is just a weird feeling for the mom !


curious - April 29

I feel it everyday, It feels like taps, or little jumps for about five minutes or more every single day. I don't think it's nothing serious but it's annoying. when I have hiccups I drink water so i figured maybe if I drink water his will go away ( silly right!) but it doesn't. So I have to feel him jumping inside of me.



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