Dog Bumped My Belly

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Josephine T. - October 14

My 30lb. Boston Terrier occasionally, when I'm lying with him, step on my belly with one paw.


M.A. - October 14

Don't worry a bit. Last year my (at the time) 55lb. daugter jumped on my tummy while playing, and everything turned out great with my baby. Also, now my baby is 20 lbs., she's pushed and jumped on me a little by accident while playing, and everything's good with this baby too!


Charity - October 14

My little dogs do the same. I told them "I'm gonna laugh when that baby kicks you off". LOL


Jenn - October 14

My dog did the same to me last week he is a pit bull lab he wacked his head on my belly and he has a big hard head it hurt and I was uncomfortable for a bit but baby is well protected besides the dog will get his turn of abuse soon lol My othe dog a pitt seem to know I am preg he is so careful around me and used to lie his head on me all the time now he is so careful to only lie beside me .


Lisa - October 14

Don't worry about it, my 2 little Miniature Schnuazers do the same to me all the time. Your baby will be fine; he/she is nice and safe in there. It will hurt you more than the baby.


Heavenly - October 14

You should be fine. My 80lb pitbull jumped on my bellyt when I was preggo then farted in my face. We lived.


Lisa - To Heavenly - October 14

You have farting issues in your house don't you??? :o) Sorry, I found that funny, both your dog and your baby...poor girl.


tifani~18 days to go!1 - October 14

To Lisa~ Don't forget about her mom. She's a tooter too! :o)


Lisa - October 14

haha! I would not want to be in that house if all three went off at the same time!


Heavenly - October 14

What ever you do don't lite a fk'n match!


Rachel.R - October 14

My dog.. he gets VERY excited.. and hes a german shepherd cross ridgeback.. hes a ma__sive dog.. last time checked weighed about 45kilos !! he gets VERY excited when you ask him if he wants dinner. He jumps up on and and bowls me over... (on 2 legs he is my height) he then jumps all over me. Im 27 weeks pregnant. and the doc said baby is doing great.. it should be ok. just be worried if you get cramps or any bleeding, thats what doc told me.


Jenn - October 15

to heavenly Pitt bulls are great and they love children mine sleeps with my daughter everynight and all day is like glue to her they a big babies themselfs do you find people giving you a hard time now with a baby on the way I am so tired of it just with any dog they say what are you going to do with the dog when the baby come well nothing I going to keep them rr it drive me nuts and now here in ontario they have banned them and but a muzzel law it really sucks as my dog is scared to go out and wont leave the front door with it on so he is missing he walks he is scared of other dogs and i am sure thats why he wont go with one on sorry off topic here just needed to rant. besides i hear now with the ban germen sheppaards roties are biting a dog is a dong and no matter what bread they will be mean if not treated right . P.S my dog farts all the time to pewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Heavenly - October 15

Hey Jenn :o) When I was preggo all I heard was put them outside or get rid of them. No way! They all love the baby and they all live inside. Pitbulls have a bad rep and they do not deserve it. Pits are just as nice as any other dog. Hell my Mom's chiuaua was way more aggressive than my pit ever was. She just looks scary cuz her big 'ol head. I have found that our baby favors our pit. She is always trying to grab her and Crash loves her. She gives her kisses and lays beside her every day. Those c___p heads should not judge the animal if they know nothing about them! Go to and veiw my extended family. Check out all my pets that I still have (except the fish and ferret-they pa__sed away) and that still live in my house.


Josephine T family - October 15

ok just don't make love to your dog..


Heavenly - October 15

Ummmmm....ok. (to the last post)


Jenn - October 16

What great pics adorible baby you are very lucky and busy .


Heavenly - October 16

Thank u Jenn :o) I am always updatimg that thing! I could spend hours on it but my d__n computer monitor keeps blinking off! It over heats. I swear if it ain't on thing it's 100!



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